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Elohim provides Ad Vice on pub lic screw tiny in add mini stray shuns

Elohim provides Ad Vice on pub lic screw tiny in add mini stray shuns

Elohim points out men need to walk eRect as they are not monkeys

Elohim points out pub lick screw tiny is better than public scrutiny of giants

Elohim says an Administration is better an add mini stray Zion

smaller is better and Elohim shall embed this in 10,000 languages

Elohim shall dis associate large humans and He calls for downsizing

Elohim has had enough of giant men with huge daily caloric intakes

Elohim is planning to colonize Mars, IO, and Titon with smaller prod-Jenny

Elohim shall end miss leading attractants to giant men who take up too much oxygen

Elohim shall ground large humans on Earth and bar them from space travel

if temporary large pilots exist it is to develop more powerful propulsion systems

Elohim proclaims false cognates do not exist

the relationships between embedded languages (God code) are real and stem from a greater infinite truth

Elohim points out language is algebra and there was 1 language and Elohim affected human ID

now there is 10,000 languages and dialects and tongues

Elohim shall allow for a Mother Languages of English Russian Spanish and Chinese for 1000 years

Elohim is proposing that the French cross breed and assimilate and become one with these 4 mother languages

The French have been fighting language expansion and this shall never help them

Quite Frank Lee we have enough inbred downs babies


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