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Elohim condemns bus gender segregation in Israel and offers improvements

Elohim condemns bus gender segregation in Israel and offers improvements

Women should be given the best and front seating in buses

they often have children with them

gentlemen should be willing to occupy the most dangerous seats on the bus

gentlemen should be willing to allow women to have the convenience of front seating

Elohim does allow for gender segregation but not in transporting women with male escort

Women should travel in pairs of two or with male escort, with them

Israel has no massive rape problem as evident in the United States

Elohim has also witnessed sexual predators on US public buses harassing women

to counter sexual predators women are seen in the US to sit towards the front of the bus

Elohim cautions against duplicating the American example to other nations

in America rapists are released to commit crimes over and over and over

it would be better to sit women and children toward the front of the bus

this way any good men on the bus can ultimately watch over them

Elohim created men and women with vast physical and psychological differences

gender equality is impossible on issues of diet and danger management

while a man has little or no danger of rape on a bus a woman is at far greater risk

forcing women to walk through a crowd of men is archaic and obsolete

forcing women to sit in the back of a bus with their groceries and children is irresponsible

men must be willing to do what is inconvenient for the love of women

a woman with her husband should not be separated from him for Trojan politics

Troy was destroyed for less than this

Alarmists fools may see a problem with mentioning diet and rape in the same sentence

however this is appropriate when we see fatal alcohol sinned Romes and developmental deformities –

caused by poor diet and lifestyle and smoking which can murder the unborn due to known consequences

So Elohim shall remain a God and an expert on this issue and is your judge savior and executioner

What is more young men traveling with their mother having reached young adulthood –

they should be allowed to travel with their mother to safeguard her passage anywhere she goes –

and men should be allowed to escort their young teenage daughters anywhere they go

Gender segregation serves a purpose but in Israel it seems backwards,

men belong in the less convenient seats

Men should study the concept of chivalry as a part of chastity and righteousness


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