Peach pit oil increases length of days by Jehovah

Peach pit oil increases length of days by Jehovah

i shall increase its potency in promoting longevity by a factor of 7 times

as the sun passes over the Earth i shall transform peach and almond and apricot oil

almonds are weak i shall increase their po ten shall and potential by a factor of 77

to extend human life in the presence of baby breath

in 23 hours i shall render all pit oils of the seeds of fleshy Apricot, Almond, Peach

into a potent derivative for reversing aging with ample baby breath

i shall make pregnant women glow

i shall make all who sample my medicine wise

my medicine is 2000 blogs and 10,000 emails

i shall saturate man apes with 50 trillion cognitive facts

this shall seek intelligent life and i shall select KIND for immortality

the difference between mortals and immortals is breeding success

but if a cruel man has many sons i shall mark them by using a beast

they shall be marked on the right leg by a rectangle or on the back by an eagle claw

if there is ever a male dragon born he shall have a red rectangle on his right leg


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