I shall inter seed on behalf of man and take my ransom

I shall inter seed on behalf of man and take my ransom

i shall take 10,000 women per day by immaculate conception

i shall scrambled all eggs on the Earth and Earth class planets

i shall scrambled all mitosis spindles for i am mighty

i shall scrambled all gametes to fold to my will

i shall use whores to make new genes if adulterers refuse to do the work

i shall ABB USE 10,000 whores and fill them with 10 men’s seed in gene sin the sis

i asked Christians and Jews to reproduce in sin making new DNA they refused

this proves they have abandoned me

i shall number the days of all of them and give the World to the meek whores

blessed are the meek in their service and acts of kindness to men 

blessed is the red whore who wears a scarlet letter A i shall lift her higher

cursed is the frigid nuns who chose to deny all men of what they need to survive

baby breath i shall make a prerequisite to life

i shall directly tie cancer decay and aging to a lack of baby breath

i shall remember to glorify mothers

they became mothers by acts of kindness for men have needs

i shall allowed pregnancy to place cancer into ream mission



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