Elohim shall i am mend amend Agreements

Elohim shall i am mend amend Agreements

Faith alone is not enough a man must be KIND and he must do good DEEDS

Potential is not enough po ten shall is required for gene sin the sis to evolve men

Fools shall say they are saved already i shall say you have not obeyed my commands

i said i demanded gene sin the sis and maggots argued with me

i said i am the lord and they said you are insane i said yes exactly i am God

in SAN E i am E trinity i am 3 lines moving as one from my body

i am the king of kings and of course i am bipolar like the 72 weeping prophets

i am the salt of the Earth of course i could use some lithium salts

i am of course manipulative which is why i control all ID in the Universe

i am God so of course i am grandiose

i am modest which is why i am so great

i have 10,000 bipolar bodies and i am experiencing racing thoughts

you cannot keep up with my thoughts they are racing 

some of my thoughts consume 100 bipolar minds and 10,000 autistic minds

still for calculations i need the sea life

and the 7 seas of salt



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