Elohim passes judgement regarding Western Wall Demon Stray Zions

Elohim passes judgement regarding Western Wall Demon Stray Zions

Each husband may decide the role his wife takes in prayer

Men may decide on ordinances regarding the law 

Government shall decide on the will of the people

it is a greater crime for a man to throw a hair at a woman than a woman asking to pray

women are not men and the Universe shall remain male dominated

women with penis envy are free to purchase a dildo and immigrate to Yonkers

American egocentric women should mind their own business in world politics

However they have a right to disrupt American assistance to Israel if they offend women

it offends Elohim if men throw stones at women for desiring to pray 

i suggest you cobble them with babies 

if the men prayed more at work they might not have time to throw chairs at women

Orthodoxy has its virtues but it is vile to throw stones at women 

however these same 100 liberal birth control witches may be burned to solve the problem

women who hate men and kill their seed are called witches

if they hate male dominated power structures they are are also called bitches

Elohim proclaims mothers day is a good day for secular women to be sodomized

if they hate babies i shall take away their breath and dry them up 

they shall become dust and drift into the desert sands and be lost and forgotten



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