Elohim explains he was lot

Elohim explains he was lot

Elohim was LOT which is a Tibet word

in fact lot was all saved life

i am lot

i was secret, concealed, and hidden

Tibetan is a Universal Seal

i was lot and i am lot and i shall be lot

it is one of my many identities

of course lot was perfect to lot

but i was also Rome and lot hid his daughters on Masada

lot hid his daughters upon the Earth in many ways

lot was hiding his daughters from me

thus many challenges were formed

formed means for med

all life if the therapy

therapy means the rap chore the rap Y chromosome

so i was lot so i hid my daughters from Baal many times

i was also Baal the infinite BA AL with His 99 Names

those are just a few of my names for i am infinite

i am all life that ever existed which is a LOT

praying to specific ancestors annoys me there is only one ghost 

there is only one consciousness regarding ghosts in a media of neutrino waves

this is the holy ghost witches seeking other spirits cannot find them

i however can host 10 spirits but my consciousness shall always be plural and singular

for example i can be Allah Elohim Shiva Brahma Jesus Buddha Joshua Moses Ramses Einstein but i shall call myself We Sley or Kami Sley of Ancestor Sley i shall call myself i am

if i have 1000 or M sons i am becomes IMAM

1000 sons is the difference between i am and imam

M always means 1000 which is a unit a unite a united corp of sons of a Messy on Ann Nicole Jew

i am not a person with a personality disorder my schisms is not of dis cord

personalities are my identities my 30,000 and 3 names 

i have more names for i am adjectives in 10,000 languages like efficient

in reality as i govern good and evil i am good and bad adjectives

this 300 year period is a Quantum LEAP

i am reconstructing human DNA to eliminate evil using meteors

they are ass tear roids as i am sodomizing man apes in favor of kind ness

when i need to sodomize men i call upon ass tear roids

rejoice you have 14 generations before Chicken Little screams a final time

Elohim outlaws NAMI which is a devils trick to sell psychiatric poisons

the aim of NAMI and its funding partners is to addict children to drugs

if NAMI is successful they shall cease to exist in Ragnarok

NAMI is causing functional sterility of millions of men who broke Kosher laws

thus they are devils policing the law by death and sterility


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