Elohim shall offer to teach healing

Elohim shall offer to teach healing

i am Elohim i can heal any disease that i created

fools say i did not create both good and evil

the truth is that evil shall clean itself and cease to exist

evil is infertile and thus is self cleaning

thus hell has its own reward called nothing

yet in my mercy i offer to teach healing

but the cure for death is love the holy spirit plus ova

L ova or LOVE with an E is the trinity progressing righteously 3 lines in 1

sell the bait priests must sell the bait and not only brotherly love

priests must not condemn the beauty and allure of a woman’s sex

sex is neither innately evil instead it is pure fertility for sex without meiosis is not sex

infertile sex is a false positive it is a lie it is futile and stupid 

Elohim is a fertility God Elohim is not an infertility God !!!!!

i can teach healing but witches shall not profit 

witches real lie on birth cunt troll apathy hatred and they kill a kings seed

Witches who heal are accept Abel but when they kill babies they must go extinct

women were drawn from man to make babies

women were not drawn from man to kill babies

babies breath and pregnancy can cure cancer in ream mission


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