Elohim says shun the men of Colon and Moron Cuba

Elohim says shun the men of Colon and Moron Cuba

The United States can open trade with Cuba import and export markets

but smoking products are illegal in this universe

the penalty for smoking is to die a horrible death 

usually this is essentially by gasping for air and feeling your heart fail

every effort shall be made to keep the conscious mind on during death

penalties for evil ache Queue mule late if you rob your children of a parent

due to your stupidity and ego since demons do not promote smoking anymore

Men in Moron are protected from tsunami in Ragnarok by barriers

Americans should shun the men in Moron 

and in general avoid morons unless they are engineers

Americans and Spanish should shun Colon and Moron men

unless they are a calculus or statistics professor as a rule of thumb

Gog and Magog haplotypes cannot perform calculus or statistics

many farmers can do calculus and statistics but farm for necessity

As a rule restrict Southern USA Border Crossings without a ticket to breed for females

limit Aztec border crossings unless they are single women in cross stitched dresses

there is no advantage to illegal trespass of Mexicans in America

trespass is an evil which is not forgiven easily 

trespass three times warrants servitude as a mine slave


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