Elohim points to Tore on Tao bird deaths

Elohim points to Tore on Tao bird deaths

in Toronto if a bird cannot fly 34848 feet it may be killed 

i shall smash them into tall buildings for a quick death

others i shall send to the Arctic Tundra lost to feed rodents and foxes and hawks

i shall migrate(d) Arctic beasts 3000 miles south soon or sooner

i shall smash birds into glass buildings as a measure of oxygen deficiency

i shall also purge all Ring of Fire Birds

beganning in the year 1000

i shall range specific volcanic eruptions

to purge birds and selectively breed them

i shall save the birds of paradise in Brazil and Philippines and Virginia

i shall protect people in Florida with an Everglades Park 

to deter human populations in kill zones

i shall planned 10,000 square miles of seaside parks to save humans 

here and there as i am a planner

i shall use planar physics to maximize profits prophets and profits



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