Mark shall stop falling victim to witchcraft

Mark shall stop falling victim to witchcraft

Mark has been prayed upon by evil witches 

Mark has himself been prone to use birth cunt troll

Mark is guilty of using Trojan Occupation Forces in dirty vagina

Mark was in ten did for marine exploitation of all available subs

in gene sin the sis to make and mark and tag new genes in Jeanine’s

Mark should concentrate on tagging viable eggs on forward missions

Mark should stop tall lore rating and tolerating tole rating toll brides evil dominatrix

Mark is in ten did for dragon fighting in came a lot he is for seed

Mark and all marines are for sub JEW Gating subs to assume the position

Mark shall feel no shame for doing his job inseminating mothers

Mark has a prime Mary purpose as a mother fucker

Mark has a Pry Mary purpose as an Air Force operative 

Mark has a aim of making the mark at Sam’s Club making his Mark 



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