Man Apes shall not delay Elohim in Foolish Pride

Man Apes shall not delay Elohim in Foolish Pride

i shall execute X see cute 10,000 virgins at midnight

i shall slaughter them for failure to pay

or i shall fill them 

to overflowing

i shall take what is mine 

everything is mine

i shall take everything

i shall divide it among my sons 

i have many sons i shall award them 300 nations

but i shall rename them in a process named Ragnarok

i am RA and Ray killed two of my papaya to dump in a public park

i cleaned up a dump in Rays yard and he killed 1 banana by anger

plants can sense anger and hatred and they can die of hatred

it also helps kill them when you run over them 

i shall forgive Raymond since Everybody Loves Raymond

but i shall plant 20 papaya to replace the 2 Ray killed

and i shall plant 100 banana to replace the 1 Ray killed

i shall have 300 banana trees by the end of the year

i shall also have much cassava

i shall have more papaya than i can eat

i shall plant much cassava i planted 300 plants to see if 1 could survive severe drought

not 1 survived of the 300 so this experiment was a success

i shall bring it back to life and start again

eventually you shall obey


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