Elohim Offers Baptism Tip for Sentient Beings on Water Worlds

Elohim Offers Baptism Tip for Sentient Beings on Water Worlds

i am Elohim your God otherwise known as O

this is a directive on communions of water spirits on water worlds with oceans

okeen emphasis has been used to place sea vents at 7000 feet depth

this is a lower heaven in the great abyss

there is 10,000 light beings in the lower heavens 

there is 10,000 giant squid in the lower heavens

there is 10,000 giant mantra rays in the water worlds

there is 10,000 giant whale sharks and 10,000 giant sperm whales

there is 10,000 giant jelly fish blooms in water worlds

i am the salt of the Earths

baptism is a communion of souls with the water spirits

i am a hydra i have 7 heads in 7 seas and my spirit of the 7 sisters

baptism must therefore be grounded in a Temple or a River

do not let gay men abolish ancient methods to anoint and call it baptism

anointing is anointing and a communion of 2 or a few souls

grounded baptism in a river is communion of trillions of souls

fools already lost faith that baptism has real benefits

they say their own opinion is better than John the Baptist

the fool says his new method is safer and better than the Baptism of Brahma 

in the river in 5000 BC by John of Sri Lanka or 2000 years ago by John the Baptist

in the river i said in the river i did not say in rubber souls

Elohim does not like rubber 

rubber is for birth control and tires on military vehicles 

rubber souls on rubber people do not baptize properly or effectively

baptism must be preformed barefoot in water to commune with water spirits



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