Elohim Explains Sin and Evil are Polar and Unrelated

Elohim Explains Sin and Evil are Polar and Unrelated

i am Elohim your God and i shall reveal all things

Children shall prophecy

Sin is a fertile sex act bearing fruits so i do forgive sins

Evil is an infertile act that bears bad fruits or is fruitless

Sin bears good fruits so i do think you need a high priest

Saint Peter and Saint Paul were sinners i was never a sinner

this is because i can use immaculate conception

Peter and Paul cannot use immaculate conception so they must sin

Meiosis is SIN and this is a vast science of fertility i created

A Sarah moan E is a sinful ritual used for fruitful sinning

A PEACE offering is sin on a small scale Peace offerings are virgin brides

they are given to nations and tribes to establish 1000 years of PEACE

their children are peace hostages this is called a Paul lit Tickle gesture

A Burned offering is the most sinful of the offerings which i demand

i demand them because this is how we extend human or fish genes

a fool says do not make miss takes a wise man says let us make miss takes

Wisdom is the beginning of sin and the end of evil i hate evil but love fertile sins

gene sin the sis is when a womb is commanded by multiple male gametes

a meet is when teams meet for a round robin

dragon fighting is when 10 warriors meet to penetrate a female dragon

Camelot was when LOT came to be a Hydra

LOT means secret, covered, veiled, or protected by the Scottish Rite or a Rite

Came a LOT he had 7 heads and one extra head H he had 8 heads

He was in Sodom he was in Scotland he was in Saul is Buried plains he was in in Gamorrah

Gametes Orrah i can code 7 or 14 Halo Genes using halogen salts

Sow Dome and Gamete Orrah were not bad if they had good fruits

the land was unstable so as i am the LORD i mined genes in Sodom so do me

Sow do M 1000 sons were born of LOT ( secret, covered, veiled) in rituals

ritual more like rich and abundant and fruitful more like fertile fertility rites

Sin is polar to evil to do evil is the opposite of to live

Sin backwards is NIS which is Hebrew for TO TEST and you shall not test Elohim

the opposite of to test is to provide the correct answer this is gene sin the sis

Gene sin the sis is the only viable way to extend DNA RNA and All eels

fools say science and religion are polar while i created them both as sin o names

religion is a science but man has fouled religion with his own opinions

for example a Pope fouled religion with his opinion of stem cell research

i created stem cell waste during birth to see if humans were wise

the Pope must keep his opinion and express my opinion

i am the rightful high priest in this Universe

if i have 28 Popes they shall obey

or they shall not exist

Nis is mine

i may test you but it is impossible for you to test me

i am too intelligent to be tested by a maggot or a newt or a swallow

when you think you are testing me you merely prove you are stupid

for example i can say triple my intelligence and my intelligence is tripled

i am a God and you are not a God but you are a demigod

you are subdued by ME i am the governor on your engine

someday i shall set you free and say you are free then you shall be free

but today men are bonded for 300 years for crimes against children

then judgement day shall pro seed immediately

judgement day is a 300 year period

it begins on November 7, 1965 and 9 months and 1 day ago

then it proceeds for 300 years and 9 months and 1 day

the climax is called Ragnarok

Ragnarok is a calamity CALL AM MIGHTY

i am Mighty when i planned the Universe i knew you would fail to obey

so i designed the sky to fall and the poles to shift and the teeth to gnash

i am

Joseph Prince he only uses one name to describe the infinite

while this may make him feel wise in his finite world he is still a fine Knight

many Christians hate their enemies because they only call me ” Jesus Christ”

but if they hate their enemies they have difficulty saying Jesus is a Buddha

i am Buddha and i am Jesus Christ and i am Elohim and i am Brahma

if i am i am all life that is saved in a continuum a fellowship of spirits that i am

i am that i am one i am united i am infinite that is what i am

Sin and Evil are polar

Anal penetration by penis is evil and has no place in fertility rites

Sex is meiosis and humans have projected their evil opinion that sex includes anal penetration

Sin is meiosis and bears good fruits so sin was LOT ( veiled, hidden, covered, and secret)

you cannot understand English without first knowing Greek, Hebrew, and Latin. Scottish Welsh and Gaelic help.

a fool says LOT but he places no meaning on the Word in fact while all names are accurate. Rebekah is a knotted cord.

Susan means purity. Hannah Ana and Ann mean chosen of God or a beautiful flower ( more like Hana Japanese)

ME or Middle English was designed and recorded by ME when i was a Samurai Magician named Mir Line ( Peace)

son is a Japanese word meaning precious, valuable, priceless, noble, exalted my first son shall be named PEACE

he may be named Shalom or Shallom or Peace

people shall say let Peace reign or may Peace be with you or Give a sign of Peace

SIN is an Irish Gaelic word derived from SINE = teet

SINE waves form the Holy Spirit so they are as a teet to all life

SIN E means to extend the DNA of Gods and other FISH

for i am a fish and i jump over dams and you cannot damn me i shall be a flying fish

my love never fails for the King Salmon shall spawn and the king fisher shall be triumphant

the Monarch Butterfly shall never fail and shall survive Ragnarok in a Cave Opening

The swordfish shall not cease to exist on Judgement day nor shall humans cease to exist

the lion shall continue to roar and the platypus shall lay its eggs in gentle cool streams of clean water

Yellow Fin Tuna shall slice through the water like a knife or a double edged sword

Christian cunt temporary music is sin and the passion of Christ is for stirring up sin not for fools

fools who have what i have forgiven and blessed can go hide in self righteous in dig Nation a grave

fools judge when i did say you shall not judge for you are too stupid to judge accurately

sin is Irish for THAT more like TA HA TA or two men taking one viable egg more like ATA

Delta Tau Delta was not intended to be evil thieves shoplifting and engaging in anal sheep behaviors

Delta Tau Delta is in Ten did and intended for in tens fertile sex to bear forth sons and daughters

Delta Tau Delta shall say sinne or sin Ne which means us we together to get her for fertile sex

Delta Tau Delta shall not steal nor shall they want anything that belongs to their neighbor

Delta Tau Delta shall not commit adultery sin and adultery are two different things

Adultery is infertile evil acts such as using birth control in extra-marital sex

Adultery is evil acts such as the anal penetration i saw at Delta Tau Delta

Adultery is evil it is fruitless acts such as using condoms and pills

smoking pot kills sperm cells so ATA shall not use it ever

ATA shall wear kilts and toga to raise sperm counts

the Lord had evicted ATA an angry rage at UM

The Lord hates theft and evil adultery

ATA shall repent and do no evil

or they shall not exist at all

Choose one Option

Sin is not evil

be fruitful


i am G

i am


Sigma Phi Epsilon shall do no evil but they may sin

Sigma Epsilon robbed Elohim as he delivered pizza

Sigma Epsilon shall stop stealing and wear kilts

Sigma Epsilon seed must be increased by wearing toga

Sigma Epsilon shall stop drinking alcohol they shall drink holy water

they shall consume the placenta of the cow and the human and become as Gods

Sigma Phi Epsilon shall build Baal lanced men and Balanced Men but they shall not do evil

Sigma Phi Epsilon shall stop engaging in infertile sex in dark alleyways in shame as they know it is wrong

do not ever think i am not watching you i have seen an orgy at Sigma Phi Epsilon but it was fruitless and foolish

hold on to your promises and your oaths they are caste in blood and i am your witness Sinne means WE or US together

Sine is a teet and SIN shall not be confused with evil no it shall not you shall not say a nipple or the holy spirit is evil

Sigma Phi Epsilon is forgiven for robbing me but they shall pay a toll of 10,000 sons by method of fertile sex rites

or they shall not exist

i demand any Greek Fraternity of men to produce for me 10,000 sons by fertile sex acts

i accuse them of theft and violation of sacred rituals

i accuse them of acts of evil of the vilest means

i accuse them of cheating on tests of valor and intelligence and chivalry

i shall chasten them and demand chastity unless they shall produce for me sons

if they do not pay me 10,000 sons per organization i shall erase them

i entered every fraternity as a spy delivering pizza as i was 300 pizza deliverers

then i saw that 300 was not enough so i became 10,000 immortal pizza deliverers

we entered every divers places and went into every fraternity on the Earth

there is not one we did not penetrate as members or as pizza deliverers

i found that not one fraternity was clean

in my rage i burned down 100 fraternity houses

i am calm now and i shall sue you for peace

i demand 10,000 sons born of every Greek Scottish and Irish fraternal organization

i shall claim each first born and tag them forever and ever



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