If America prevents Immigration it is guilty of inbreeding

If America prevents Immigration it is guilty of inbreeding

Caucasians must cock Asians how can i make it any clearer

stop being so cheeky around your own cousins

if America forbids easy access to white cum sluts to Thai coons

i shall reward Thailand and destruct America with designer drugs

i shall begin and tax america 1 trillion dollars using designer drugs

have it your way stupid assholes

Texas i went there and offered Mexican pussy to giant white anal sex add dicks

they refused to take the fragrant smelling sexy faithful beautiful Catholic babes

the Beta Baboons in the Bushes said we want Barbarian Bar Bitches with birth cunt troll pills

so i shall petrify the forests in Texas in my rage i really shall just wait

allow 252 years for shipping and handling (Ragnarok)

i hid many gold wells under Texas military bases

they are for gold rings for black and Asian wives for Texas Crackers

i went to Texas 3 times and i personally placed gold and gems in special places there

Texas has some military bases

in the corner of each Walmart and McDonalds drill for oil

make them with educational display plaques



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