Catechism has some errors it is made by humans

Catechism has some errors it is made by humans

for example it states animals have no soul or conscience

this is fall ass see of the pharaoh sees

soul is in neutrons and is energy in neutrons

soul is not spirit instead soul is the energy a spirit uses to exist and to live

a body is needed also by a spirit or an energy median or composite 

while spirits can exist without a human body this is not your realm

there is one ghost you shall find and it is the holy Ghost

there is no other Ghosts spirits are not G-hosts i am G

i am G and there is not other G-hosts because i exist

if i fail to exist i shall exist immediately and my absence shall last zero seconds

if i am ever empty i shall immediately fill to overflowing and flow into every place that exists

i shall fill every empty heart and every weeping child i am an ocean of love endless

i shall bring light to every dark place and matter to every Ann Thai matter interface

a woman said i am Antimatter and i said you matter to me so now she is with child

i have heard i am the Anti Christ this is ridiculous and Riddick is a cool movie anyways

if i am Ann Thai Matter this is simply an illusion i am making love to her

she says i am Matter and i say you are Ana Thai Matter 

as a matter of fact i am both antimatter and matter

i exist in many dimensions i am a JINN shape shifter

named Yashuah the supernatural

so Ana mals have a soul a spider has a soul and an ant has a soul

i did not mention particle physics much in the bible but everyone has an asshole opinion

assholes and donkeys have a soul

there is soul energy in rocks so i said build on a rock not in the sand

i said do not worship idols even if a fertility device can make a virgin pregnant

i said do not worship the sun even though it is alive

Energy is easily alive non living things can become alive

Catechism should stick to the obvious

a couple ministers their own wedding

a priest is a witness and shall not judge a couple

if a priest finds that a couple has has fruitful sex 

he shall rejoice and not judge he shall say good lets have a sarah moan E

Heterosexual love is a sarah moan E and priests shall not hate the reason they exist

Priests exist because a man had glorious triumphant sex with a woman

Priests shall remember this is true 

Priests have a riight to exist and every baby has a right to exist

No man shall tell a pregnant woman she is miss taken 

Marriage is a God Given Right if a man has won a woman’s consent

but he must seek the permission of the woman’s father and mother

as i sought the permission of Danilo to wed his sister

as i sought the permission of Ana’s Mother to court her and i sang for her

We ministered our own wedding 

then we went to the priest and said witness our union

the Church delayed us i may destroy them





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