Three English Teachers Taught the Lord in High School

Three English Teachers Taught the Lord in High School

Bad Bad Mr Brown taught the lord sophomore English 

he was boring and an alcoholic he later died in a boat

he was with the Judge

The body of veteran Foxcroft Academy English teacher James “Jim” Brown was recovered from First Buttermilk Pond on Sunday afternoon after the small boat he was traveling in the day before with his friends took on water and overturned.

Allah culls all drunks alcohol was outlawed by Elohim in his discussion with the Smith, but the US Government fought with the Mormons and attacked them with force then the US Government refused to let Muslims and Mormons outlaw alcohol and have 4 wives.

Alcoholics deserved to be culled in dramatic events and shall die like flies. 

Mr Buck taught the lord Junior English he was mouthy but he gave excitement to Beowulf he had a daughter Johannah Buck and at age 18 she ran away with a 32 year old man and refused to go to college so she was like Patricia Cunningham in one regard.

Johanna Buck was in the Gifted and Talented Writing program but she used it to win the passion of a man double her age to defy her father and avoid College.This drove him mad.

My best teacher of English of 3 was Thomas Lyford he is a living saint. He has bipolar abilities and was a hospital volunteer, a congregational minister, he taught poetry to adults and he has 3 kids and he spent time in a mental hospital from a suicidal episode.

I loved Mr Brown, Mr Buck, and Mr Lyford. Tommy Lyford became my friend and volunteered together with me at Hibbard’s Nursing Home he did comedy and i did Bingo Games. Mr Lyford took a job at the Library when Autumn went he gave her a card.

The Lord Wesley had 16 English and language Teachers and he speed read 35 dictionaries while engaged in racing thoughts.


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