The lord studied Art under Master Alan Bray

The lord studied Art under Master Alan Bray

here is a tribute to Alan 


Al Malik has infested me with 35 great Alans who have mentored me

we are a fellowship of spirits and they know not who they are

There is Alan Kertz and Alan Starrett and Alan Smith there was 35 Alans

since 1965 when i became alive and summoned mentors to surround me

Alan Bray taught me water colors and paper making 

i established lovers from 2 separate continents

immigrants often have superior artistic abilities

they were hand selected by me to immigrate and to breed

i needed Martha Russo to be pregnant so i touched her and she was pregnant

so i saw no reason to make love to her i just kissed her a lot

she was from Spanish Mexico with a moor as her great grandfather

she was Aztec and very short and sexy and loving with sweet loving kisses

she descended from 25 great kings and moor

also i kissed a Korean girl on the Milo Bus Number 7

i was coming home from art class on the Dover Milo Bus

The Korean woman was 15 and a good kisser.



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