Elohim expresses his pro pen Zion to draw Druid ID sketches

Elohim expresses his pro pen Zion to draw Druid ID sketches

any Druid Sketchers are Shoes if a druid lass was sketched for a shew of Drew Carey

Irish men shall not bury their pearly white pecker heads in Irish lasses no matter how sassy

in bred problems in kill court and kill Patrick shall be a flood of suds and a sea of pain

inbreeding is trespass for a man shall not lay with his cousin

isolation iso lay shun or singular chromosomal patches in the patch house are pro pen shun

in gene new witty is required by avoiding isolated gene pools of uncle screwing topless maids

anger in women swells in them when a cousin is trying to screw them but her fathers dick is already in the Jew Well bobbing for apple strew sell

Druids had to learn to stop screwing cousins it led to some gay men in Belfast and Bangor

Gay men code gay as a correction to inbreeding to slow sexual intercourse in closed populations of same genome individuals Gay men make greater use of 3 brain centers they engage in war less and lower the need for warfare to kill angry men 

Gay men i code more off ten to cause a disruption in breeding populations of same gamete males to stop anger and warfare especially in French legions of curb kicking stomping angry warriors bent on trespass and war in bully politics. 

To slow breeding and coding of downs sinned Romes and sinned Romes – gay men shall stop dumb people from fucking cousins, Thus gay attributes are useful in protecting the quality of reproduction. However anal penetration or sodomy is illegal.



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