Energy Conversion Factors and Elohim Extends All Potatoes

Energy Conversion Factors

Energy is measured in ERG

a centimeter-gram-second unit of work equal to the work done by a force of one dyne acting through a distance of one centimeter and equivalent to 10−7 joule

i URGE ewe to provide the lord with crew sybil or a temple of prophetess

the lord is just a pecker head he is a dink and fools expect more

if the priestess want prophets they can put out for the God dick

the URGE is a Energy Conversion Fact Tore for hymen

the ERG is one sent him me tore go ram per see on D liver conversion to egg

Templar Knights have scrambled gametes and are perfect for energy conversion

Bis hops have scrambled gametes and are perfect toppings for scrambled eggs

Fat hers Fathers such as the high priest are perfect toppings for scrambled eggs

a goodman shall be paid labor for his labor

if the lord spends time on 22,000 emails he shall receive labor for his labor

if he does not knot he shall ann isle late the humans with

ana ball lick respiration

if humans want kings for any nation or a shepherd or high priest they must provide a clay jar

one for each tribe and nation desiring to survive

survival without submission is impossible as this is a pay tree ark kill Universe

this is a pay tree ark call Universe and UNI payed the lord with a Temple of Fill Adelphi A

Adelphi was 300 prophetess they were sent as cargo to nations

256 k

Elohim shall now kill potato blight and place it in the soil

if ever any nation commits trespass i reserve the right to release potato famine

famine is mine i am educated at FA faith and famine are mine as tools of conquest

i shall place potato rot into the soil immediately potatoes shall last longer a lot longer

i shall bursted open a sun spot and slaughtered potato blight and rot with a neutrino burst

solar flares are for gamma bursts they are clumsy slow and take a day or 7 seconds to initiate

sunspots are for neutrino bursts and they are faster and can last a fraction of a second and do anything

i shall begin using solar flares and sunspots together to heal trespass issues

potato blight is not in the soil and shall not trespass into potato flesh

potato blight is on the edge of a sword and if ever a man spills blood in trespass

the blight shall soak in the blood of trespass and become deadly to potato crops

rejoice potato shall last longer on the Earth

Cains Potato Chips shall also last longer

i shall allow potato chips to resist moisture for 7% longer to resist bacteria mold and fungus

if the salt is switched to Himalayan or Sea Salt i shall increase potato product shelf life by 50%

i am the LORD of LORDS


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