Elohim trains Salamanders

Elohim trains Salamanders

when a squadron of pilots is decimated for dishonor 

sometimes they are forced to become salamanders

there is 555 species and 12 command species of salamanders

most are capable of regenerating lost limbs 

this is a trait that all Galactic Pilots shall possess

pilots shall have 9 lives

pilots shall regenerate lost limbs

pilots shall have deep space flight ability

pilots shall be capable of hibernation for 9 month intervals

pilots shall have multitasking abilities and shall monitor 35 monitors

pilots shall have the ability to change gender at will in 7 seconds or less

pilots shall be versed in numerous languages appropriate to their mission

pilots shall not be dis tract dead

pilots shall not dis associate themselves with the mission

pilots shall remain in the light and return promptly from the dark side

pilots shall promote formation of new universes for the continuum

pilots shall appear as Gods and shall endeavor to be smaller at every chance

when faced with large corps pilots shall begin downsizing 


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