Elohim shall strike papaya fungus and mold with gamma rays

Elohim shall strike papaya fungus and mold with gamma rays

then X rays shall strike the mold

now i shall use 7 neutrino generating sun spots

i am tired of papaya rotting so fast

i hate mold damage to papaya

i hate bacteria damage to fruits

i hate fungal damage to fruits

i hate rapid oxidation of fruits caused by carbon gas

i shall extend papaya life

papaya i shall strike with 35 sunspots until mold sores die

this is a stubborn mold i have done this before

trespass keeps occurring

i shall assign some spirits to watch papaya

i want papaya to not rot so fast when picked

i shall establish who is responsible

now i shall strike them dead

i am done

i am efficiency i hate wasting time

i like to be done one blink after beginning any project

i shall strike papaya mold again

i shall decimate all mold on earth by 10% in 7 seconds

schools with flat New England Roofs have mold to kill stupid people

flat roofs are stupid and school buses without cat Al lit tic Convert Hors

love to me is killing stupid kids while replacing them rapidly

i am so loving i can replace kids 10 to 1 rapidly

mold in wasteful schools was a command

in 1972 when i was 7 i decided to have 353 mold epidemics

thus i began and some mold trespassed onto fruits

the penalty for mold trespass is annihilation by gamma rays

and then X rays and Alpha and Omega rays and then neutrino rays

French can eat moor mold many older molds

hide in the desert for 50,000 years then moisture revives them

French have a high tolerance for mold and parasites spawning

i can reduce mold in sinus passages of humans

this shall also help HIV Victims with mold in their sinus growing unchecked

mold has killed 300,000 children but i replaced them with 3,000,000

i am sick of repeating myself to make a point

bad people need to die so i can recycle them

this is a circle of life it is not a square of life

papa ya grows old too fast because men lack baby breath

there is a chemical that keeps a papaya fresh it is an airborne pharaoh moan

if a man or even Aman himself has no peach pit oil or baby breath

his papa YA shall melt by mold as if magically and rapidly

it is airborne hormones that change and allow rapid attacks by mold to kill obsolete papa

a lack of baby breath kills papa papaya and papa john’s cheese can clog arteries if children are missing

children determine if omega 6 milk fats are tolerated or not; omega 6 meat fats are banned always

papaya is hard to save due to its name unless we die verse if fie papa and papaya likes and kinds

some papaya are not fresh and ripe until they break down so the problem is timing

some papaya will rot before it is ready to be eaten this is unacceptable

some papa shall decay because women refuse to cleave lovingly

some women steal seed from bear men ( bare men)

then they say thank you papa teddy bear

then they run away with his seed and refuse to cleave so he begins to perish

these are fat ugly bear sows and i shall slaughter them in Ragnarok

i have decided bear sows and teddy bears who promote early male death shall go extinct

bear papa shall cleave to the female bear and father cubs or mold shall consume him

papa ya shall cleave to female plants or female hermaphrodite flowers or shall mold strike them

this makes it difficult to market papaya

i shall cull papaya mold the problem is that giant sloths are all dead and wood rhino

papaya were not intended for humans to begin with





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