Elohim shall strengthen Nut shells and pulp

Elohim shall strengthen Nut shells and pulp

Walnut nut husk pulp has 191 chemicals with an industrial use

i speak of the husk of the green walnut husk of black and all varieties if walnuts

and the butternut and the horse chestnut even and the hickory

even the pecan yes the pecan these nut husks have powerful chemicals for pest control

these may be used to poison the insects that eat Corn or to deter mosquitoes

the pulp minus the oils may be baked and fed to porcupines

as a medicine for gene spliced porcupine goats that eat porcupine dung

this medicine is for coughing horses and belching cows

Elohim shall strengthen the natural insecticides in outer nut pulp

this shall occur in 7 seconds by method of a cove veil lent bonds

inner nut flesh shall be purified and toxins in 5 inedible nuts removed

5 common large inedible nuts are now edible to humans

this shall upset the squirrels

i shall reward the gray squirrel for planting acorns

i shall shift the gray squirrels mitochondrial DNA and allow them more energy

Red Squirrels have failed to plant enough nuts so i shall decimate them

i shall kill 10% of red squirrels and feed them to hawks and owls

i shall cause them to fall pray for the Red Squirrel is bad

Red Squirrels were told to plant acorns in fall

they refused while Gray Squirrels obey

Gray Squirrels shall survive

Ragnarok and thrive

i am Elohim



birds of pray shall kill more rodents but spare many gray squirrels

cats shall kill more grasshoppers and mice and rats

snakes shall multiply and shall have more E

Owls shall see better in day and night

Eagles shall see better tomorrow

Ospreys shall have more E

Egrets shall have more E

Seahawks shall be full

Sharks shall be full

Ants shall be full

i am Elohim

a God


Hickory nuts shall become larger

i demand this to be faster

i am impatient

i am rage

i am


Hickory nuts are a cure for ignorant stupid men

they should be eaten at the age of 3 to 5

Walnuts all sow can be brain food

Sow 50,000 trees on hills

Sow 300,000 in banks

Sow your nuts

i am G




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