Elohim shall make cucumbers last longer

Elohim shall make cucumbers last longer

Elohim shall make Cucumbers stop having fungal and mold attacks 

this shall be accomplished by 10 solar flares in 10 days time

when Greeks trespass cucumbers are attacked by fun Gus from shit in assholes

fun is the Samurai word for feces and Greeks anal sex plagues cucumbers

if Greeks trespass in India i shall reserve a right to curse them

Cucumber yogurt with the skin heals HIV AIDS and protects bisexual A holes

i shall slow and stop fungus of 666 varieties from attacking cucumber skin

this shall be applicable also to gourd and squash skin and melons 

Can’t elope shall carry a mold that is a cure for HIV AIDS when refined

you shall not elope of you shall release pandemics 

OR shall be equal to or less than OF when i am writing

i am sick of editing i shall increase fertility of Greek populations using cucumbers

Frenchmen who are bisexuals also shall benefit from this cucumber initiative

French and Greek and Filipino bisexuals can eat more cucumber skin and be healed

i shall advice cooks to stop removing cucumber skin and squash skin

i shall advice cooks to pickle watermelon rind boil it and soak it in sweet beet brine 

watermelon rind pickled in sweet and sour beet pulp shall reduce HIV AIDS

i am the lord





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