Elohim removes Weevil Pandemics on Human Crops

Elohim removes Weevil Pandemics on Human Crops

When a human population is evil a Weevil species shall form from pond scum

there is 666,666 species if Weevils they are dependent upon evil

in the United States each state has 666 species of Resident Evil

Alice in Wonderland was sent to eradicate Resident Evil and she succeeded 

this shall allow me to reign in weevil populations beginning in 7 seconds

Pesticide companies can go to hell i shall reign over them too

i shall strike weevils dead or decimate another 10% of them now

i shall now decimate another 10% of weevils in 7 seconds

i shall now strike dead 10% of 666 weevils per die strict and perish and state

i shall destroy 666 times 100 weevils and they shall no longer exist anywhere

i shall now decimate weevils 10 times for 7 weeks using 10 sun spots

this is 5/4/2013 1:26 PM in the Philippines in Binan Laguna

i am Elohim and these insects have offended me

but they have served faithfully the evil one

so they shall dis appear to him

into the dark side



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