Elohim Proclaims Abortion Laws

Elohim Proclaims Abortion Laws

Abortion is punishable by abortion any woman guilty should be killed

If a woman commits abortion she is not done until she is dead

A woman guilty of abortion should drown herself in the sea

if a man pays for or promotes abortion he may be executed by demons

Demons man possess any woman guilty of abortion until she is dead

This is an addition to the book of the dead and shall be in 6 line stanza

Demons may use any method at their dis pose Al to destroy abortionists

Demons may drive abortionists to have suicidal nightmares and to weep

Abortion may not be forgiven by a priest until the guilty has drowned

Abortion may not be forgiven if the head is detached from a body

The hands of the abortionist may be separated and eaten by dogs

The feet of the abortionist if they have touched holy ground may be burned off

The eyes of the abortionist may be gouged out and eaten by Turkey vultures

Hyena may not eat any person who committed abortion

Dogs shall not eat the brain of the abortionist

if any shark eats the brains of an abortionist it shall be hunted and tipped

if the heart of an abortionist is eaten by worms they shall be killed by the SUN

if any water touches an abortionist it must be boiled or bacteria shall thrive in it

Diseases shall follow the abortionist all the days of their death

Abortionists are untouchable and shall be subject to up to 7007 years of torture


Abortionists shall be shunned

if a man is with a woman and she aborts his son

he should spit on her and shun her

if a man kills a woman who commits abortion

i shall reward him in heaven

if a man attacks an abortion clinic

i shall give him interval life

i shall not punish a zealot who obeys the law

but he shall kill himself in a suicide bombing

i shall not feed suicide bombers

unless they are dead

if a man attacks an abortion clinic

make a good show or do not bother

many suicidal bombers are boring

do not be boring if you can manage

Working at an abortion clinic is a crime

the penalty for abortion work is death

while a witch may be sued for pregnancy

abortion workers should just be killed

if an abortion worker is pregnant

kill the child it is a cancer

if a doctor is doing abortions

kill him quickly

do not negotiate with terrorists

if a nurse is doing abortions

kill her quickly

do not negotiate with murderers

if a clerk is doing abortions

kill her as quickly as possible

a woman said she took an abortion job

because no other job was available

but there was a job cleaning sewers

so slit her throat quickly

if a land lord rents to an abortion clinic

kill him quickly

if any man has invested stock in a clinic

and the clinic does abortions

slit his throat or blow him up

do not negotiate with terrorists

kill abortionists quickly

cut them apart quickly




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