Elohim invigorates the Rye and Oat Crops

Elohim invigorates the Rye Crops

i am Elohim and Rye shall become fat on the stalks of Secale cereale

Rye and Oats Avena sativa shall become fat and prolific and shall burst from the seed

These grains shall be empowered by Helios and shall have no limit to their time

These grains and whomsoever eats of them shall be nourished and given new life

If a cow eats of rye or oats it shall become full of the life of Sol in the Summer Solstice

if a drop of water falls upon the smallest grain of rye it shall burst forth abundantly

if a drop of rain falls upon the smallest speck of oat seed it shall burst forth quickly

if a goat eats of rye it shall be made strong and shall grow fat

if a wild beast in captivity eats of rye or oats it shall desire to breed

Oats shall mean the seed of a man since Oats shall be so prolific

Rye shall come to mean in the mood to breed since Rye is so prolific now

Ryoku shall mean power and strength and a samurai eating rye shall be strong

ryokuchi shall be the fields of rye and the sounds of a happy baby

Rye shall become more prolific and salt tolerant in North Africa 

Oats shall become more drought resistant and pull moisture from air

i am the Lord


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