Elohim gives more short memories

The lord was in Key Club

An abused child Mother Theresa was the President

we ate lunch once with the Kiwanis Club

Mother Theresa was 17 she was nervous to address so many sharks

reminding her of her father who was fucking her since 9 years old

i gave 12 men prostrate cancer that day for desiring to fuck a pre puberty girl

love and annihilation are the same emotion for the lord the Destroyer


The lord was in the Yearbook Committee in 1984

He sat beside Carol Gulliver and played with her ass with his knees

one day Karen Coy let the lord play with her ass too

he rubbed her ass until her nipples were erect

later she mounted a Naval Destroyer

she made several Frig Ates

Frigates are sons of Naval Destroyers and Battleships


Renee Ireland is anointed

all the Ireland Clan is anointed

Brian Ireland was used to make a child in the 7th grade

Early blooming Irish Pilots are needed for deep space flight

There is a need for 10 year old pilots who can breed prolifically

The Ireland Clan has suitable huge hairy balls at age 10


Renee Albert came from the Azores

she recovered from her ass sores aft her 4 gene rations

Christopher Roy should not be denied children

All Christs if they are denied children

this is a mortal crime of sorts

Renee Albert was pissing in the ladies room at Foxcroft Academy

I went in to smell her pee scent she shall not deny any man sons ( or shall suffer)


Melissa Wright denied Christ Top Her Roy many sons

this was partly his fault he shot from a slutty cum whore

Mrs Roy was sexual only when she wanted something

Melissa Wright was told by Chris Roy to avoid pregnancy

So both Chris and Melissa Roy (Wright) were breaking a covenant

Christ Roy was not cheating as a marriage implies fertility

Men can seek a new wife if their cum slut is refusing them a womb


Women with a husband who wants no children cannot cheat

it is impossible for them to cheat if their husband is infertile

a Jewish wife is guaranteed children as well as sex

if a man is infertile he shall go and get her seed

if a man is jealous he loses all rights to her

jealously is in the way of all human progress and eve o lute of Zion

to play a lute it takes 2 men or 10 men deep end ing on desired effect


if a woman is frigid with a man

it is highly possible he is her cousin

if a man is less than a 500th cousin she lay be frigid

this is caused by a natural decline a shun declination to avoid recessive genes

recessive genes are usually un desire Abel he had too many recessed genes

Abel is a downs baby so you shall not have false assumptions about Cain and Abel

Cain is a California Surfer who likes huge Spanish olive CA Raisin nipples


The Lord ran in Cross Country with Gary Wakeland

He was a great runner and a teacher i needed him so i took him

i placed him in 1000 more wombs he could run 10 miles before teaching each day

i ran with Mr Clement and Gary Worthing my anointed they were Olympians

but i needed them to breed so i did not allow them gold medals

i am the lord 1000 Olympians have weened me

Olympia Snowe and Sock Alexis are mine


The Lord ran on the Track Team

While grandfather Mallett broke Milo records

the Lord broke no records Mother Mary was a smoker

Smokers often kill the athletic abilities of their sons and daughters

Our Father fed us donuts instead of Kali flower and beer instead of Ass spare ag huss

Ass spare ag huss is rich in new tree ants for Olympus Spawning

Our father was a chain smoker while baby sitting us


The lord developed shingles and survived it without any attention

When the lord was young Christ and the Lord and Melissa had Chicken Pox

this was a penalty because our father tried to sodomize Mother Mary

there is many reasons Chicken Pox exists it can immunize certain people

Chicken Pox can immunize whore licking pirates of the Care rib be IN

Chicken Pox can immunize cum slut licking men of Came a Lot England

Chicken Pox can immunize Sinai Mountain whore dragon fighters


The Lord ran with the Wakeland Girl she was Roger Flanders woman

The older Wakeland sister was dating David Robinson

It is Ape Parent the Wakeland girls love huge peckers

Wakeland women shall stop their ass sow she a shun with huge dicks

i shall handicap the sons of bitches who gravitate to huge frost giant dicks

the Merrill Merchant’s Bank and all the giant Merrill dicks and Robinsons

Here’s to you Mrs Robinson Jesus holds a place for those who pray while working


The lord was a Chemistry Lab Assistant for the Teacher Mr Rolleston

(his classes are still online in the matrix)

The lord spilled a huge bottle of deadly poison

The lord caused the school to be evacuated when he spilled deadly poison

The lord cleaned up the poison and was sent home with Mother Mary

the poison control center said take 7 showers so the lord soaked in a womb for a long time

The lord was not reprimanded for poisoning 300 Spartans with deadly poison gas

The Lord was the only one who did not show some adverse effects of the test of Jupiter Toxins


Mr Rolleston would make math mistakes while balancing chemistry equations

The lord would ruthlessly lash out at Mr. Rolleston for any mistakes he made

this was because Mr Rolleston wanted to fuck half the class

Mr. Rolleston made mistakes because he dreamed of miss takes

Miss takes on a Starship or Asgard Genesis Ship causes mistakes

Foxcroft Academy is really an Asgard Training Ship and all perception is warped

Perception and reality is designed by the lord to test acceptance of parameters of behavior


Perception is a training tool for ship crews

Planets were designed to serve many purposes

Perception training is one purpose

happiness is a choice one shall make when his training is nearly over

anger training is required of all pilots

pilots shall learn to turn anger into Ethical gains

rage training shall involve purging anger from the mind at will


E = Ethical

E = Ethic Call = Ethic Cull = Ethic Kill

E = Father + Son + Love ( Love is a fertility calculation spirit) = Evolution

E = Exquisite

E = Exceptional Extraordinary Entertaining and Excellent

E = Elohim = Eucharist = Emmanuel = Eternal Tao

E = Everything Bagels with cream cheese and strawberry jam







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