Elohim gets angry at Fools Screaming to be Saved

Elohim gets angry at Fools Screaming to be Saved

when Forest Gump decided to stop running

the fools were angry they said what about us what shall we do now

i say go play 1,000 games of ping pong

you are out of sequence you stupid fools

when i was a junior in high school i defeated Peter Arno in Ping Pong

i was the Champion of the High School and decided to run for tri athletic events

i did not quit running until my Dr said i had no more Cartilage in my knees

If you want to follow me then give away all your belongings and become a male slut

but make sure you have the same insurance policy for i have died several times already

Why not do 10,000 acts of kindness if you desire to be saved

that is what i did

evil people shall say that is impossible

nothing is impossible in me

all myths become true

all prophecy in 10 religions can be true at the same time

i am a fixer of wood dowels lathes and anomalies in time energy Continuums

and interactions between God’s and Humans

i am Elohim

you were saved when i was born and you did not immediately burst into flames

so shut the hell up and get back to work

i am





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