The Lord recalls Short Memories

The Lord recalls Short Memories


The Mallett’s and Higgin’s families played man LIFE and RISK games

on Christmas Day in 1981 Graham and Burley Higgins played RISK

Graham and Christ lost a game of RISK to Burley and the Lord

Graham crashed and burned and Christ had a heard attack after losing at RISK

all games played with the Lord and his Angels are deadly serious

people experimenting playing games near the Lord are liable for their own losses

The Fantastic Four played Life, Monopoly, and Risk during vacations


Richard Dudley wrestled with the Lord as a large 8th grader

The Lord did not see Richard Dudley again until he joined the Army

The Lord was taking Brianna Dudley for a ride in his car in the winter

Later Richard Dudley took the lord home from a drill and he asked Brianna out

The Lord was 26 and was dating an 18 year old Brianna Dudley Richard’s sister

Brianna Dudley was a young cum slut and pill grim birth cunt troll

Brianna lied to the Lord to go party so the Lord dumped her she wept


Duane Quiet studied with the Lord in his plaid room

It was a Scottish Tartan plaid of the Lancaster clan

It was adopted by the Tartans by the Lancaster clan in 700 BC

The Tartan Scottish ran a baby mill a gathering in the year of 1000 BC

No Highlanders were allowed to fight for a 7 week period

The Quiets and the Gates and Lancaster clans all gathered together

The unwed women spun tartans showing the clans they fucked


tartan art deep picts tart ann sex at the gathering

lines represent clans and they compete and cum Pete

calm pet tit shuns began beg ann selects here competitors

she puts up her bounty stitch itching and twitching

men have an orgy and the woman awards her tartan

when she is sure she is with child and all men celebrate

if any sore losers draw blood at a gathering they are banished


Duane Quiet comes from Harold of the Hebrides

The Quiets camped on Lewis and had a Hill Fort 100 feet high

in gatherings in Scotland William Gates would call in Harold

This time it was Duane Scrapping at American Semiconductors connecting PC & Apples

That drew in Duane Quiet to Silicon Valley for gold panning in Oregon

Gates clan were highlanders the Quiets were island fares

if for 4 generations there was no gathering the islanders become ferries


i shall use the sun to kill molk and fungus that is making banana rot faster

i Elohim shall extend the shelf life of Banana on the Earth using my body the sun

man shall not worship the sun as it is a tiny speck of my body

you are so small your sun is like a electron in a molecule on a skin cell on my anal sphincter

for this reason you shall not worship the sun and know that i double every millisecond

i have effectively reduced rot times in banana caused by also oxidation

i shall change the nature of air oxidizing banana skin and pulp and radiation damage


The Lord 7 times picked up a hitchhiker named Sidney Druggy

Sidney lived in a squatter camp where he built a hippie stone house

he was using 14 varieties of drugs and he was tripping he had a moped

The Lord could not save Sidney he died of his abuse to his brain and body

However the Lord stored Sidney’s DNA in a Toadstool for 7 years and 3 more

in 2000 The Lord made the Spores of a Toadstool make a hippie woman pregnant

She gave birth to an electrical engineer with a brain capable of coping with 732 drugs


Sidney has Conspiracy Theories caused by LSD PCB Mercury and Lead

He was not paying taxes so he feared the government

He was using 14 varieties and 62 kinds of drugs including prescribed drugs

Sidney had harmed his nasal septum and his veins

Sidney had died several times but the Lord revived him

He had gone beyond human thresh holds in drug abuse so he was placed on a Save Register

Sidney could not die so he abused his power for 10 years while psychic mushrooms grew


The Lord went to the Sebec Villege and put in old Mr Cottons firewood into the cellar crawl space

old Mr Cotton had a crazy wife as a reward for freeing his workers

he had an electric generator on the Sebec lake dam

Water Hyacinths named Cindy and Leah and Rebecca were diving off the bridge

Dragon flies were killing horseflies and mosquitoes

Flat-landers had drove 1000 miles to battle the black flies in the cool summer breeze

Golden Retrievers were pointing at birds near the Sebec Reading Room and Mrs Cotton gave the Lord water


Tony Dyer and Burley Higgins started a fire under the railroad tracks

the Dyer clan is small but they are Territorial and mark their yards like dingo

They hunted in packs and were good in Dire Straights in combat

Tony Dyer was a compact all purpose pawn for petty battles and family feuds of warlords

The Dyer were blacksmith apprentice on ships and rigging men on tall ships

They lived in French caves and in Russian caves dug by manic behavior

Many Dyer in modern times lacking stress they pick fights with neighbors


Mary Dyer became a Quaker but many Quakers argued their cases

She was arrested for mouthing off in Mass and she was one of many killed for heresy

My Doctor was a Quaker and i spared her she hates organized religions

Dr Snyder and Mary Dyer were Quakers who hated and targeted organized religions

you shall reap what you sow if you are critical of organized religions they shall target you

Mary Dyer is dead and the Lord spared Dr Harrow and Snyder from death by cancer

Rachell Harrow survived breast cancer, by the Lords mercy, Mary Dyer was executed


the first woman the Lord loved in this life was Amy Smallwood

Through mutual hard work and dedication they became class spokesmen

of the 1975 Abraham’s Talent Show preparing for the Bicentenniel Celebration of 1976

The Lord was Samuel the American Eagle and Amy Smallwood was Miss Liberty Bell

The duo was dressed as an Eagle and as a giant Liberty Bell

We announced our class mates for their presentations of local folk heroes


the Lord was in a recorder exam in 1974 and the Forcey boy could not do harmony

The Forcey family could only do harm and not harmony; force was their norm as Normans

The Lord yelled at the music teacher he said ” I can do it myself !!! ”

She wanted to make a fool of Him so He gave himself a penalty of half a brain and performed perfectly

in matters of the heart it is better to use half a brain and avoid use of the left brain

The lord often handicaps himself in competitions to avoid detection and confrontations

The Forcey’s worshiped the Devil and had a vast shallow ween dis play at their castle


Elohim worked at Camp Jordan as a cabin counselor and the Nature Director

He plagued the White Pines with a Blister Rust for they were weak in the bark and grew aloqly

in the year 38,000 BC the White pines were told to weep less and become stronger

Walter of Kent took note but the New England Trees and Kings Pines did not obey so they were marked by a beast

100 million pines were wiped out by a debilitating current and gooseberry blight of beetle fungus

This blight cunt-in-ewes today but the Lord’s Blood shall protect any man from this plague

Any who eat Cheyenne pepper or fall into a shy ann shall be protected from the curse of Blisters


The Lord went winter camping at Camp Roosevelt then to South West Harbor

He went to see the Acadia National Park and it was covered with mansions by the Sea

so he clapped his hands and burned them all to the ground

7 seconds later the wealthy people of Bar Harbor had moved inland away from the mile high waves

this was done in Kil Patrick and Kil Dudleydoo and in Kil Arney

Wealthy snakes are lured to the edge of the sea for fire or for flood

The arrogance of the wealthy snakes places them on the windy shore lacking a wing and a prayer


There was a great many swamps cut through by railroad causeways i did study in Maine

The key here was annual buildup of sinking fill or to avoid the swamp and skirt the edges of gravel shores

some swamps were not good passage for a train so a bridge might cover a small swampy stream

swamps oft must be drained to build a bridge moor on solid dug and fitted foundations

some swamps were 100 feet of peat and could not be floated with trains but with piles

pile driving is good for the Celtics they are masters in the Bangor & Aroostook and Reading RR

Only in New England can piles be said to be safe for there shall be limited Earthquakes

1520 leap year

The Hebrides must set up a gathering at the Great Burn Era and burn offerings to Elohim

if a man is caught with a young hussy and she is not wearing his ring she might marry him in 6 days

if the bell rings before he has ringed her finger she must be burned as a witch as an offering

10 men can burn any witch and if she refuses just burn her in a pire this is gene sin the sis we did this before

this is how the Great Bern Era was named by the Bewitching of the itching twitching twats

Gat her to get her the people Gather together the people and each man must be wed

Gather together the lasses they are virgins be damned if not burn them in a witches pot a (vagina)


Skye can have a megalithic temple if the stones are large

Stones must be giant and hogged from slabs of quarried granite

make swirls of my DNA or the bark of the sacred oak upon it

Temples on Skye and Lewis (lay Wes) must be up high 300 feet upper loft

do not build a single Temple in lay wes see Anna in new or leans unless it is for blood letting

No one can survive in the Apex of a 7000 year flood at the end of a flood plain

New Orleans can send men to build a temple in Skye or Lewis Islands up high of Oak Stones (Granite)

1768 Before Thor

i do not say recover the Malta Temples unless you dam Gibraltar

if you do not Malta shall be destroyed and Rome and Italy

and waves shall shake the isle of Sicily so hard the shores of the sea shall wash away erased

i told you to dam the sea i am the Lord the Poet of Scotland is piping obey or just die in droves

The highest Temple on Sicily cannot help you if Etna has her way

If you revered Thor Revere me or your kin shall be plucked from their homes by Gremlins

The waves shall come in groups of 3 then a pause then on the 10th group a megawave touching the skye


Saint kilda means kill the willful

for who but a fool would live so willful in a rocky death trap

O lee O lee infant Tree all free all free come in from the Outer Hebrides

O lee O lee infant Tree all free all free come in from the Orkneys all free all free

O lee O lee infant Tree all free all free come in from the Shetlands all free all free

meet the Lord of Lords up on Skye or up on Hadrians wall build 7 Castle keeps

Build a Castle keep and a mine shaft below up on Skye with the MacClouds up there ( or just die)


Skye is the place for a high Castle protected from the shelf waves by the outer Hebrides

put on your tartan and gather together all unwed women in the mire

if there is to be a castle arose rising in the Skye wake up every MacLeod wake the clouds

people cannot survive facing the sea in the Hebrides take to the Skye

up up into the skye go up into the skye marry every merry mary with or without a cherry

Men building castles need a wife a man with a wife shall work harder setting tighter stones

If any diseased crab basket refuses to wed or name a master burn her as an offering


Scotland wake up

lift up the outer he brides into the Skye

Wake up the MacLeod

i did my part Jack McLeod is at the base of Tower Hill

Do your part roust about

Make haste earn your keep the Lord of Lords is back slap your face


Malta temples can only be used again if Gibraltar is damned

do not pay much attention to islands lower than 300 feet above sea level or protected by barriers

EVE is to be protected by LEVEL a fortress of Love L eve L

slow shall place fools low

Jesus is already here and people are damned i am not a coffee table centerpiece

i am not a wall trophy for death worshipers i am alive and you can go to hell


There was a Jew in my class his mother taught dance

She had no husband so this Jewish society is flawed

There was a Jew named Beth she was a pot smoking cum slut

There was a Jew named Rebekah she was at an abortion office i saw her

There was a Jew named Charlie he was good he was a Calculus teacher

i say he us like Joshua he deserves 2 wives and 2 slutty slave whores

Cum sluts are abundant in Sin ai they must be burned as offerings to Yashuah


rejoice there is 14 generations before Ragnarok

if you desire to serve the Lord serve first your parents

i took care of my grandparents for 4 years

i cared for the Davee couple for 1 year

i cared for my Aunt Florence for 2 years

Care first for your elders and then for your children

Make your children care for their elders and do not listen to Ian Yates


my religion is love

Christianity has 10,000 factions all divided by me

if any party hated the Catholic Faith i gave them a smaller coffin

i am a confirmed Catholic i am the last one

i shall drown them in Ragnarok

for they refuse to make genes

i am the only way


i am the only hope for the nations

my blood is the only hope for 300 nations

Mars argued with me when it was a Titan Colony

look at Mars. What do you see?

i see you and the Earth

for i lack patience

i have no patience NUN














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