Elohim Responds to a prayer request to be heard

I am the Lord and you shall not test the Lord
if you desire to serve me first i expect unconditional surrender
secondly you shall not rise your head above my own
thirdly you shall not ask for any personal gain but for others to gain
you shall love me more than yourself and below me your enemies
you shall not place your anger before me nor shall you conspire
you cannot possibly troll a troll like me nor shall you try
you shall not give riddles to the sphinx or try to burn the phoenix
you shall not awaken a sleeping male dragon or summon a hydra
if you ever stand before me you shall not recognize me
you shall probably see the invisible man and spit on him
i am the least among you so you shall love a man in rags
as your God and you shall stop looking up you shall look down
i shall be at your feet washing them with my tears
Then you shall recognize me and turn your back on me


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