Pay the Piper

Pay the Piper

there was a piper and he went to Hamlin

he said what is the problem they said we just had 350 million men just died

the piper said well you have a commandment against eating pork

he said i can split the fat molecules in half using sunlight

but you shall them keep your commandments

the Germans said yes and the piper piped

when he was done he said

i am paid in labor

they tried to kill me

so i went to a foreign land

to the village of ham in the tribe of ham

then i began playing a different song a song of Ragnarok

now the sky shall fall and chicken little is my little hen a Cornish hen

i shall wait 300 years then Chicken Little shall scream a bloody song

the Sky is Falling the Sky is Falling the Sky is Falling wake up it is falling !!!

the piper became a Banned

he was banned from Germany

the monks killed the sacred oaks

he said do not mock me and kill oaks

the priests said we shall cut them all down

the piper of Hamlin was mocked by the Hamlin’s

Bob Hamlin said lets all eat at the Bears Den Ham Steaks

Bob can now live to be 92 while eating ham donuts and bacon

But most lost Jews die from 49 to 66 they drop dead and people weep

Hamlin’s live in low places where the flood shall utterly wipe them out in anger



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