Neptune did not recognize God

Neptune did not recognize God

He was at the Penobscot Nation Museum i had just defeated the Penobscots

they were demoralized and 3 million warriors were down to just 6,000 warriors, 1 legion

they had stretched from Virginia to the Bay of Fundy and to the Hurons of Superior

i had just released 100 pounds of mercury into the river

i had just released 300 gallons of dye from a woolen mill into a stream

i had utterly defeated the Penobscot Nation for stealing corn and squash

Neptune then was polite and had a Nobel Job in the Museum

his family and tribe was drinking and using drugs

Quay Love was a crack addict

i decided to spare them

so i delivered 10,000 pizza to nourish them and anoint them in person

i knelt at their feet and made change

i sent the Philips Brothers angels on Harley Davidson and Indian Bikes

i uplifted Olympia Snowe and seated her at the right hand of my father

i went back to visit the Penobscots at the Folk Festival

and we drummed a Peace Song

then i cleaned the river

and the livers

& the fish

i am G

i am


Neptune did not recognize me

Neptune did not recognize himself

Quay Love was almost dead his drug addiction

so i went to the Acadia Hospital and i took his pain

King Henry was there he had killed himself 3 times

i took his pain but he said he needed some of it

he said pain is the only friend he can trust

so i prayed with Hing Henry and Quay Love

they prayed for their daughters

so i heard their prayers

Dr Vorha a Sikh prescribed me Geodon

she saw i was GE ODEN

so she properly prescribed me



it was in 1984 when i decided to go to the Cumberland Gap

i was spying through the Telescope Pauline bought US

i saw 69 slutty virgins dancing naked in their panties

i decided to go to the Cumberland Gap

so i ate some Black Strap molasses baked beans and pancakes

then i went to a Dance and was kissing a drunk Cumberland virgin whore

she tasted like Bar Bay Does Rum and had a salty flavor on her clit


In 1985 i wrote a note to a blonde hippy girl

i spoke of my love for her as eternal

i said i believe in love at first sight

she told her boss i scared her

he came to see me and i shit on him

when a frightened chicken defies a cock

the other cocks can go to hell and play their own game


in the year 2000 the lord went to the Great Mental Hospital

i said give me lithium instead they gave me illness

they poisoned me with whisper doll

suddenly i heard voices

it was 10,000 angels surrounding me

they were busy pretending to be independent of me

i began manipulating them in greater ways and toying with them




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