God and some Short Memories in Can did date for Matt

God and some Short Memories in Can did date for Matt

these memories shall be given in a 7 part stanza

the holy spirit is in 7 parts having 6 sine waves

i am the key i am the message so the center line is the mean median and mode

i shall say i have been writing in this manner times other variables all along


in the year 1981 the lord was at Boy Scout Camp Roosevelt

he swam the mile swim 4 times

he won a fire starting contest with William Macomber

The lord won 77 contests and awards at Scout Camp in 1981

Brother Michael was graduating that year from High School

The Lord became a man at 14 and he earned his Boy Scout lifeguard

The Lord rowed in gale force winds to earn his award with a penalty


in the year 1977 the lord moved to Dover-Foxcroft

Our Father rented a Victorian House on West Main Street

it is now owned by the Mayo Regional Hospital

The Lord took total control of Mayo Hospital in 1977

Mayo Hospital hired 77 Eagle Scouts and Eagles and Kings

Melissa Christ Michael and the lord ate in the hospital Cafeteria

The lord anointed all Mayo Hospital Workers for 40 years exactly


The Lord took Red Cross Swimming lessons in Clinton Connecticut

this was from 1973 until 1977 at the town beach in the bay

From 1977 to 1981 the Lord studied Red Cross in Dover-Foxcroft ME

The Lord used the Kiwanis Knights to become a Senior Red Cross Lifeguard

The Lord was a Swim Instructors Aid for Principal Lynn Coy the anointed

The Lord taught 505 students swimming with a party of 22 teachers

Susan Lord appeared before the Lord as a teacher of more than swimming


in 1983 The lord was working for Herb Hazlett putting away hay

The lord worked putting hay bales into Browns Mills Warehouse

The lord demands all music and molecules to help him write

Timothy Haglin bullied the Lord and struck the Lord with Force

The lord said you shall join the Air Force and remain a bully

Your family shall live in dog shit and be cursed with dog piss and shit

Years later the police raided the castle of dog shit and dog piss


In 1984 the lord was at a keg party at the orchards off park street

the police showed up and were greatly outnumbered and bombarded

Chris O’neil was bullied by 3 giants a Merrill a Cleaves and a McLaughlin

i Strengthened his hand so he scarred the closest of the giants

Three bully giants were angry that Christ O’neil was friendly to a woman

The lord outlawed assault and bullying so he condemned the 3 giants

1 he scarred, 1 became a police bully, and 1 became diseased


The lord went on a date with a Cleaves

he said for a Cleaves family there is too many leaves

your wives always leave and do not cleave enough

The Cleaves family is false advertising

i changed her name to Badger

since she is a bad German frost giant from Russia

To cleave is to not leave it is to stay and adhere


in 1978 the lord fell in love with Temple and Sarah Parker

when the lord was in the 7th grave school play Sarah was his wife

The lord heard Yvonne stone talking to Temple about touching a penis

The lord won 55 Awards and Contests in 1978 and loved Temple and Sarah

Temple Parker went away to the Mount a Sore E School

The Lord became E and greatly missed the Parker girls

The Lord still saw Elisa Parker and taught her swimming lessons


The lord went to stay with Peter Atkinson in 1971 at the age of 6

Peter lived on a wooded sand bar in a sea of sea swamp grass 7 feet tall

Peter had the upstairs attic loft of a small house in the Swamp

Peter Atkinson was the Lord’s kindergarten best friend

After the Lord stayed back in kindergarten he lost all his friends

Peter Atkinson would not speak to the Lord when he stayed back

He became lost for 25 years and 25,000 years and then he appeared in Zion


Gordon Hall was angry at Joseph Cox

Gordon Hall did not know Joseph Cox was an altar boy with the Lord

Gordon Hall tried to fight Joseph Cox but he turned the other cheek

Joseph Cox spared Gordon Hall when he could have killed him easily

Gordon Hall was cursed to marry the Snog Giant Missy Merrill an abusive wife

Missy Merrill was larger than Gordon Hall but she liked his giant Norman dick

Gordon and Missy were cursed to domestic violence due to Gordon’s abuse of Joseph


Gordon Hall made the Lord laugh a lot in advanced math

but sometimes his jokes made Mother Theresa Moore weep she is a nurse

The Norses have many Nurses so i usually spare the Nurses

However the Moore’s too oft fuck their own daughters so i could not spare them due to default parameters

Gordon Hall’s cruel jokes made Theresa weep in pain

so i made Gordon’s Seafood with a d for 12 years

12 years later i spared the Gordon’s and made Gorton’s Seafood (without lead and mercury)


Johanna Burton was born into a family of drunk misfits

the Burton family was related to the Badgers and Gross and Baal-linger Families

Her real father tried to fuck her in a truck after a sporting event

Johanna Burton was abused by her father due to default parameters on bad German spawn in Ghetto (get O)

Default parameters must be tightened to tie knots in Rebekah without loss of appetite

German pedophilia shall be enticed to feel Leah instead of causing innate dominant traits in Subs

Johanna Burton shall not be allowed to bear a son NOR shall Moore’s Code enthusiasts


AJ McVetty was fixing an old car with the Lord

The McVetty family was superior in Academics and in sports and Noblemen

The McVetty were teachers for 33,000 years and diplomats avoiding conflict

The Lord played Hockey with the McVetty with the Prides in high mountain swamps forever

The McVetty were good at finite mathematics and fine Knight science such as politics

AJ McVetty was a skilled metal worker he and the Lord both fixed old cars

Blacksmiths had been taught by a McVetty an Irish Scot German Japanese Samurai


Christ Garvey  a Tao for as all Christopher was designed to predate me and prepare

A Christopher is a Christ Top her and they were designed just to fuck and for no other reason

Christ top her were not designed for stupid human past times they were designed to TOP HER

Christopher are Chris TOP HER and the Christ is designed to fuck and for no gay super fish shell reasons

A Christ is for mounting on trophy fish they are not to be mounted on a wall by death worshipers

Christs are ALL for mounting on prize fish they were never for wall trophies by vain dirt bags

Christs are for reproduction and are not for failures in reproductive talents by talents of fools gold



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