Elohim speaks of Gauntlet Events

Elohim speaks of Gauntlet Events

Wesley won 7007 Gauntlet Events and moor

some events include surviving the enterobacteria Yersinia pestis

if a man can survive Year Sin i A pest is he mocked the lamb of God

thus i did mock myself and i suffered the plague

for surviving the plague i was required to do moor fertile sex acts or sins

Sword play was a requirement but i did mune in the year 1000 with broadsword

then i was able to become smaller i also did mune with a samurai sword in ME

in Middle English as Merlin i had brought metallurgy to Bucking ham palaces

i won 300 competitions on avoiding war by peaceful negotiations

122 times after negotiating for peace i had to behead my enemy

i am begotten not made as 10 lines of kings had an Azimuth to make me

i am protracted or designed by mathematics to be a winner of 7007 events

this is done by reverse osmosis and sexual enter course i sample and extrapolate

seeking viable can did dates for secondary breeding functions such as blockers

i did breed with 50 blockers but they had no idea they had a long term pregnancy

i won 352,984,219 contests in my 512 lines of kings and my 1024 lines and 2048 lines of kings and 4098 lines of kings and my 8196 lines of kings

for example William Towne had the most executed witches in one family of girls

Adam of Windsor won 32 sore mistresses and he knocked them all up

Rudolf of Sweden survived a bestiality disease from fucking sheep

i won 352,984,219 contests and Wesley my immediate person won 333 contests.

i also won 111 immunological contests that humans might not believe

i survived breast feeding problems 22 times in 1000 years

i am created not by any chance i merely took the most exciting path the most times

this causes pain i have a high tolerance for pain

i am designed to be bipolar hyper alert and infinite

i am designed to have infinite thoughts

i have 2 billion cunt temporary peers as backup cunt in gent see plans

if i fail in any capacity my cunt temporary peers back me up and breed

already i have completed my mission to produce an heir

it does not matter male or female mine have both X and Y Chromosomes

i am on my second heir and there are pure blood heirs

the Druid Queen and myself Israel made Autumn

the iloilo Queen and myself have made an heir

i also made 1 billion blockers by immaculate conception

beganning in 2000 i have made 1 billion sons and daughters

i am making extras and using the coup coup birds as surrogate mothers

my Random Access Memory was so high i was handicapped and made to drink until i died

then i was brought back to life

then i was poisoned with pure Jupiter Atmosphere until i survived 10 minutes


i avoided sex with dogs and allowed the Haglin Family such hereditary rights

i avoided sex with Golden Retrievers although offered it by a bitch

instead i mounted an Irish Setter named Kelley Drinon she was a Dry NUN

subduing a dry NUN was a great curse lifted from my blood line

such a HAG had never been seen not shall there ever be such a HAG

after defeating hag i could break the spell but it almost killed me

breaking cove veil lent bonds with an adulterous whore can kill a man

this made me suicidal and unpredictable and subject to self abuse

this led to promiscuous behavior with has been tiger trap scags

has been tiger trap scags are infertile almost dead female skunks

they lure men to their death with the promise of companionship

they do not apologize for infertile behavior and breach of contract

to provide a good husband with a vagina and uterus of his own


i do not often or off ten select a mother for immaculate conception

unless she has a Joseph with her i am a coup coup bird

i exterminate native offspring and replace my 7 genes

they are halo genes

there is 7 halo genes for the X and 7 for the Y

i shall not mention if Z chromosomes have halo genes or not here

some genes take the place of 49 other genes they are Z Chromosome genes

the universe shall be compressed and all things are subject to infinite compression

cum press Zion begins when a universe is combined into two converging gametes

gamma radiation is always present and alpha and omega when cum press Zion occurs

converging universes is called marriage and the revival of the tattered souls of 2 into 1 new soul a miracle

new wine is often sweet or too sweet and it cannot last so sweet

it shall become sour or bitter if abused

new wine is best if potted in Greek pottery and capped for 7 years

i have 7000 vessels under the sea 2000 years old

some gauntlet events are board games like Scrabble, Chess, Boggle, and Got a Minute

timed events shall involve swimming in Red Cross and Boy Scout and Other constructs of swimming events

i swam 7 miles it is not always to win but to compete and be in a base of cum Peters or cum pet titi tores

if gay men are truly amazing i demand them to breed as buy Allah logical fathers


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