Solomon Addresses the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity

Solomon Addresses the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity

i demand you to increase the speed in which you work

i demand all walls exposed to the sun and my sons to bear fruits

if a fallow field exists i demand orchards be planted upon it 

if a field is flat i demand root crops and grains requiring tillage

if a land is a hillside it is suitable for orchards upon it

nuts are for the top of a hill as the seed can survive floods

vines can not climb the young apple trees and use old oil to stop caterpillars

apple trees have moths landing on trees and also climbing caterpillars 

burn the silk protecting the worms and paint the trunk with old poison oil

use the old motor oil with arsenic added of cyanide

Cassava has allowed cyanide resistant human helpers from Africa and Philippines

this when building 7 gold mines on Hadrian’s Wall Cyanide can be used

for the stopping of caterpillars if a catholic is a pillar kill her with cyanide in Apples

Snow White was evil and she used the pill so she became old and ugly a witch

Her daughter was named Snow White too and she was also a pill grim




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