I am the Judge and the Messiah and I cut like a knife

I am the Judge and the Messiah and I cut like a knife

i have culled 500,000,005 species in Earth

i cut them as a knife into two halfs

the half on my left i killed

on my right i saved

then i doubled


i am G

i am


i am

i am G

i slaightered bees

i slaughtered bats

these are fresh in your mind

i slaughtered ash



blown cherry

black cherry

white pine

scotch pine

norway pine

northern white ceder




i cut 500,005 tree species in half

i cut 500,005 insect species in half

i culled mild systematically

i pulse waves of gamma rays

i culled fungus

i pulsed waves of alpha waves

i culled plankton by my judgement

i pulsed waves of gamma rays

i culled human cells with x ray pulses

i am judgmental

when people make the mistake of assuming i am human

they see a beggar on SSDI

many of them are dead

one mocked me and fell off a cliff to his death

one mocked me and crashed a fighter jet into the Earth

i am burning up i am on fire

who shall cool these flames

who shall douse my judgment the flames of the firebird

if a phoenix is a firebird it is because i am judging all species and burning them in half

i am cutting them in half i need help i am burning up yet i am like a rock even standing alone

i have cut the murderous lions in half

i have cut the rogue elephants in half

i have cut the rapist dolphins in half

i have reduced the whales by 99%

i have cut the black bats in half

i have cut the vampires in half twice

i have cut the devils in half twice

i have cut the raccoon in half then tripled it

i shall increase the bee by 5 times now that i have cut it in half

i cut the drunks in half not i shall double them if they quit

i cut the meth heads in half not i shall double them if they quit

i cut the adulterers in half three times now i shall double them if they quit

if the trout stop killing may flies i shall let them survive the snake heads

if the salmon stop killing may flies i shall let them survive the snake heads

each creature has laws and covenants with me

i alone make covenants with the plants and animals

but humans can make covenants with any creature he owns

i record these agreements in an ark of covenants and i am absolute

my judgement is absolute and i number all things i see

if i see evil it shall cease to exist

if you love evil do not parade it in front of me

if you love lies and your lying tongue and your evil TV do not parade lies to me

while an evil bird shall lie to save its babies so shall the good bird

and who shall thus tell the difference between the good and the bad lying bird?

that would be the Lord Israel and i did have 4 wives

so you miss led pathetic corn maggots can go to hell.

Speckled horn billed shit swallows can go to hell.

i am the judge of the good and the bad thief

i am the judge of the good and the bad murderer

if a rapist raped 3000 women and was untried he is a good rapist

if a thief stole 10 billion dollars with a trump card he is a good thief

i am the lord i pay all men according to their worth

if a thief is good i already paid him 1 billion dollars

now if you have little he can have your daughters and anything you have

for in the beginning each man had just 1 cargo from Solomon’s Temple

No humans exist who did not come from Solomon’s 1’s Temple

Gog and Magog have not bred with Solomon 7

they thus cannot do calculus or trigonometry

They are like stupid cattle

shall i spare them?

i shall award them 14 generations

this is to become female and bend over for the Calculus Teacher

i am


the soul is immortal

a computer that lacks a good Maine Frame cannot use SAM Software

for statistical analysis and for calculus and trigonometry

thus it is a bad computer and cannot use the newest Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating systems

Flesh is like hardware and the soul is software or specifically the energy used by the soul which rests in the

software and the software is like the person the entity manna infested and using the soul energy

Flesh needs work so it can hold a much bigger soul so we need to stop screwing stupid people

stop screwing retards


chinese motherboards are famous and however china just has it easier to separate the 1% genius class women for exchange student programs who are ideal for cross breeding with cock-asian whites and blacks. cross breeding if the sign of Christianity valid dick tory Ann’s such as my Ana are good for the 7th i am 7.  i am 7 and 7 and 7 i was 7 by average everywhere on the Earth i was the 7th student and the 1st and the last. i was the most smart student and the most dumb student. thus i know how i am doing for all shall be saved in the end.

if i cut off a soul i shall return for it after the soul suffers alone and determines it cannot survive without me

perfecting flesh has benefits to all life

flesh is used by all life but not transcendental ascended life which has the form of energy as a body

i may use flesh but i do not need it unless i am waiting for you



if i perfected my blood by suffering

it is an offering

i am the sacrifice

i am usually very damaged by this time

i am Eucharist

but if people do not believe i change

they are stupid

a line as seen becomes time sensitive

all artifacts and ARK KEY ALLAH Jests in dick Kate –

Jesus does evolve and humans EVEoluteOFzion

i do evolve i get better what is your problem?

do not say i do not change that is Riddick Queue loss

i am legend and i improve to overcome nasty plagues

i am already french i am 3/4 french so i do not need to glorify the French

i shall not speak french i am WE sley paul mallette

i spoke french for 25052 years and some months





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