Gee Whiz Explains E in Stein Fizz Sics for Dummies

Gee Whiz Explains E in Stein Fizz Sics for Dummies

i am Gee SUS and We Sley Newton we shall explain Fizz Sics

E = mc Squared

mass is the emphasis of energy conversion so we shall keep the Sabbath

In physics – in particular, special and general relativity – mass–energy equivalence is the concept that the mass of a body is a measure of its energy content.

Special relativity deals with abnormal RNA and DNA that may be new or old

General relativity is common genes

the MASS of a body is the amount of God found in it

where E is energy, m is mass, and c is the speed of light. The formula is dimensionally consistent and does not depend on any specific system of measurement units.

to change dimensions i need simply change the speed of light in the eye of a needle

m can therefore me infinite since my relative mass can become infinite in a black hole

be means me to be is to be me

the formula E=m_{\mathrm{rel}}c^{2} indicates that energy always exhibits relativistic mass in whatever form the energy takes

R is eRect Elohim or REL o Him Rely on Him Rel ohim


O can be Y as O is the eye of a needle and Y is convergent mass in the eye

one example of a needles eye is a black hole and convergent mass

to switch dimensions the speed of light must change in the needles eye

therefore i exist i am the infinite God E

E = Everything

E = Everlasting

E = Eternal

E = Ethereal

E = Euphoria

E = Elohim

E = Rely on Him

Relative MASS shall be counted in Sabbath

to hold MASS two or more must be gathered in my name

if you are alone i shall appear and stand beside you

i am the least among you

E = MC Hammer

E = Elijah

E = Essu

E = Emmanuel

E = Eucharist

E = Education

E = Excel

E = Excellence

E = Efficiency

E = ( self contained ) Entropy

E = Elemental Existance

E = Eagle Feather more at E Gull more at Gold Standard of Rome

E = Earth more at Worth

E = Ebbing more as Entropy Self Contained in Rapid Cycles

E = Waves in some form of relative Quantity in an infinite arena

E = Ecclesiastes more at Ekklesta ( E cock lay Easter )

E = Ecosystem more at bipolar Environment having 2 Extremes triaminically opposed and unified

E = Echo of the Universe that was and shall be momentarily

E = Environmental Malik

E = Ecstasy

E = Endorphin

E = Ecliptic Eclogue Ectoclasmic Ecocide (mu)

E = Edify Eclogue Eden ( greater than 300 feet elevation ) Edict

E = Elohim the Editor and Educator makes Edicts regarding Eden

E = Educe conclude deduce Eden is up not down no not down

E = Effective Environmental controls on lowland gorilla problems

E = Em-

E = Effect thee Effect

E = Efficacy Effectual effulgent

E = Effusion of Enthusiasm Effusive

E = Egg = Easter = E star cluster of birth more at milky way galaxy = EGO

E = Effervescue Efficacious Enormous Ego ( approaching infinite ) Egocentric Egomania

E = liGht inteGrity EnliGhten

E = Elated Elaborate Ejaculation

E = El do RA do is RA el o him

E = Electrolyte the Path the Way the Light

E = Eros = Es Tran Eros where ro means PEACE or shalom

E = Elevate Eden (300 feet above Elijah Streams)

E = El doe rod owe you owe torn a doe or tornadoes

Torn  doe or Tornadoes


electrostatic equilibrium expanding erratically emphasizing Elohim’s Emotional Eulogy of Egominute Effluent



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