Elohim Speaks of the Mason Dicks on line

Elohim Speaks of the Mason Dicks on line

south is a low laying area of low life slave states with a few hills

West Virginia is good they had a region called Franklin

this is the New Capital of MEDUSA

otherwise Medusa shall be segregated into 50 and more tribes

the people shall be scattered and babble shall bewilder brothers

fathers shall hold their son and the son if older than 14 will speak babble

the Mason Dicks on line shall be determined if any masons hear my call

i shall use gene access if any masons burn offerings

there shall be a line and if Masons are above it they may survive

Washington DC is below the Mason Dick son line it is a meteor target

i already spoke on this issue

the Masons must burn offerings in the West of Virginia

or North of the Mason Line

Virginia Virgins are peace offerings and whores can be sin offerings

if a Virginia woman has been 4 given and no more than 4 lovers

she can be a burned offering in even Virginia 

in the Die Strict of Columbia the evil city of gold it is all lost

you should award the virgins there to foreign dicknatories

Virgins born of cum sluts in Maryland must be married

inspect the Water Gap to see if a hymen is intact 

if the water gap is intact a Maryland Virginia HAM can be a peace offering

if a West Virginia coal miner needs a wife give him a peace offering of Virginia

a Virgin Bride

do so with all 300 nations and nation states

if there is repentance it is possible i shall not divide all tongues into 10,000

at the rate you are moving i shall divide all tongues and destroy 10,000 cities

either way i shall have fun

fun is a Japanese word for feces

i shall have fun shit and joy

the mason dick son line has moved

it is my dick and anywhere i put it becomes livable space




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