Elohim pushes for moor reef forms in language Study and Studding

Elohim increases language study requirements of Mortals

English Students must study Latin and Greek or they shall never be wise

Minoan in flew ants in Greece provided an in sure ants Paul is See in explosions

if any Greeks obeyed Cassandra they burned offerings in groups of 10 good men

English cannot be understood without study of Greek and Latin and lay TEN

also ME or Middle English cannot be understood without appreciation of Japanese

Merlin was Japanese and he founded Middle English he is ME he moved to Maine

there is 10,000 dip Thongs and simba Baals of Japanese in Middle English or ME

there is a vast Old Norse in flew ants on OLD English and moor Japanese in OHG

ala alass all ass needs moor OHG dip Thongs and pre cursors of fekken slang

to study English buy a Celtic Dick Sean Auri and poke her like a stick

to stud English buy a Scottish Dick Sean Auri and stoke the main sail with a Gail

to study English buy a Gaelic Dick Shun Aries born in Aries and study hard as can be

to study English know that from 100 BC until tomorrow tag teams of Romans taught LATIN

lay ten is how to make implanted encrypted Greek embedded in your English tongues by fucking

Hebrew is a part of North Hump Brianna the Northumbrian Language Brianna was Greek Hebrew

Alfred was he brewing some meed and a ship load of Argue knots stopped by to tie a few knots





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