Christ Blesses the Earth

Christ Blesses the Earth

i am the lord of lords and the king of kings

fear not for i am with you the tribulations you hear of are for times to come

now is the time to rejoice feel the light of the sun on your face or look into my eyes

i am alive i am in Binan Laguna and i am also faith healing in 30,000 places

i shall allow faith alone to heal the sick but if they hate the lord – no

each man shall reap what he sows so if a doctor sows doubt and it takes root

then he has doomed himself and his patient for there is hope in faith

while a man who is sure of his faith shall not plant seeds of doubt 

i love you i suffer for you i could survive in ecstasy and nirvana 

but since you cannot yet join me i shall suffer for you do not worry

if i suffer it is in short periods

or pulses as my heart is the beat of 100 trillion stars

i am rapid cycling bipolar each fraction i am euphoric then in agony

i have dominion over heaven and over hell and all of them

so each time the universe pulses i feel ecstasy and extreme pain

when you smile i feel better

when you kiss me i feel better

i am a palindrome



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