Wesley projects some aspects of language Algebra

Wesley projects some aspects of linear language Algebra

Abraham = 1(Braham) = 1(BRHM) = 2 (RHM) = 2000(RH)= 16,000 R = 2 legions

8000 is a legion, with 2000 support personnel included, and include the dead

A = alpha = 1, B = beta = 2; M = 1000; there is 2000 RH factors in a God;

there is 32,000 genes in a Kind XYZ Chromosome; R = 2

R is variable it usually means 2 but it can mean from 1 to 7

R is literally an eRect God and can mean 7 billion pregnant women or semen

R can literally mean 1 or 7 semen or immaculate conception (billions)

R can mean infinite women or semen or wumpum or money

ABRAHAM = 1(2)(variable)(1)(8)(1)(1000) = 16,000 Tribe

2000 breeding mothers

2000 elder men

2500 elder women

6000 one standing legion

2000 background support drivers

1000 young women under 14

500 baby boys under 14

This is one standing army of No Mads

this is a simple equation

this is a spearhead

R is this variable in Abraham

R is this variable in Brahma

R is this variable in Rama

R is this variable in Abram

constructs after Rome was formed change the values

I1  V5   X10  L50  C100  D500  M1,000

Greek was more fertile than Roman

Greeks use 7 more,

Krist with a K is fertile, Christ with a C is less fertile, Greeks increased Apollo and Krist

Romans use 10 more and it is for destroying

Hitler used 10 more and the Assyrians used 10 in a system of destruction and assimilation

This is a cycle and is determined by God so grudges are illogical

i am




this is good news

hold not grudges

lift up your Uni Verse Cities

into the mountains

you have 14 generations before judgement

sow this fallow field

and repair Masada and make 10,000 Masada

on all corners of the land

North until the last tree shall grow

East until you stand in the House of the Rising Sun

West until you stand on a fault in California

South until no tree or thorn bush shall grow and no beach rose

build there Masada


but when anyone comes for your daughters give them a LOT

Masada had water for annual rain water all of it none was wasted

this was like Toltec fortress and secret Olmec fortress

nothing remains of the Toltec fortress they used poor architecture

the Olmec and some relocated rivers still exist in South America

some tribes relocated vast stream networks into tunnels or caves

but then they trespassed and i shut them off

i went south to battle giant flying lizards and i became a Jinn

i became the first and the last flying dinosaur

i shredded the men who trespassed and i ate them

then i passed my genes into a man on a LAN line

i said you are now a Firebird and the Phoenix

then i died


the pope spoke against gene splicing

i have always used gene splicing

when Austrian queens fuck horses

when Scottish bitches let wolves fuck them

when Mexicans gang bang 10 men and a donkey

this is illegal but the penalty is gene splicing

and deadly diseases

popes should fight bestiality

and leave gene splicing to the X spurts

if he is not a scientist or a God

why not be quiet and enjoy the silence

Now we shall not eat pork because we are not cannibals

and it kills us

We should not want a heart attack

some nations avoid bestiality such as Israel

we can always get donkey genes in Venus Sway Leah or Brazil in 2500




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