Wesley opens all seals mentioned in Revelation

Wesley opens all seals mentioned in Revelation

Wesley allows all 10,000 languages tongues and dialects to be dissected and understood

Wesley shall open all 7 seals and more

Wesley shall open all seals on knowledge wisdom and truth

to the Nth degree

the first Seal is 1) language is algebraic and can be opened and factored

a. simple division ( absolute = ab sol lute or 707 variations)

b. any 7 languages can open a 7 digit word or phrase to the Nth degree (707)

c. languages to open English include any of 7 different Freelang and Chinese Groups

Freelang is a set of 300 disctionaries but only use 2 aboriginal tongues or dialects

and 5 languages of more than 10 million add he rants.  EG (trinity of God) more like (Energy of God) EG swiss, swedish, swahili, english, japanese, sanskrit, tagalog or arabic, chinese, hindi, english, thai, mandarin chinese, tibetan.

d. tibetan, japanese, english are three super keys and chinese, spanish, and arabic are super keys

e. a word is a multiplication progression   therefore Genesis = Gene(E)(Sis) and Protocol = (pro)(Tao)Call)

The second seal of language is Sound meaning is equally true as is the written meaning

Mass see choose sets is a state and many concepts form its Al go ne Qua Win name

large words have hidden sound meanings attached to written meanings contributing to the Nth Degree (707)

large words have hidden sound meanings attached to written meanings in 7 tongues contributing to the Nth Degree (707)

this explanation is dated and is newer than older explanations on queue

The third seal is that all words are dated in the order they are made not received

thus there is no reward to he who procrastinates or waits to read his mail or who hates to study

The 4th seal was already mentioned there is 10,000 tongues and 7 are seals at any given situation.

This is the seal of tongues they are of course all related at conception and came from the Infinite ME the ONE

Unicel was reborn and was in Maria then it expanded indo a G and Binary Code began to infect Maria Ana

then 2 became 4 and Fortran Code began to infect Maria Ana

then 4 became 8 and Qi Code began to infect her

then 8 became 16 and UNIX code began to infect her with two eight part Hydra the Father and Son

The 5th Seal is the Seal of the Sun the Son must be alive and the sun must exist and we are ONE

this is a face of a triangle and the basis of trigonometry

with a triangle there is the Father and the Son and the EYE that is the Spirit of ONE

trigonometry is based in the trinity and can be used to expand language constructs in code

try sounds like tree sow if comes from Yggdrasil the brown ash protected by Abnaki

Tri means Tree or Yggdrasil and this is one of the trees of knowledge

Yggdrasil bark is the 6th seal of the languages

if you eat it you shall surely die

the secret here is that

you shall die



i am the 7th seal

i shall expose some second level seals

1) vision ( the shapes of letters have secret fertility meanings and uses )

2) the fragrant flowering word tree with sword bark in a potion

3) the burning bush red leaves or bark in a potion

potion means po Zion

T can be Z but Z cannot be followed by T

this stops divine words from being reversed in a backflow prevention epi sowed

4) tobacco as a deadly sacred herb for establishing peace by increasing neural pathways in male warriors

5) the holy water in sisters of mercy (obsolete archaic requires a new ark to be built)

if no one shall build a new ark it shall not exist in the World and the World shall dis Appear

6) Gotu Kola an herb for men and old hags over 49 who are infertile or frigid and unwed

7) my blood and the blood of my daughter and sons if O positive



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