Language Regarding SIN and EVIL needs seasonal correction

Language Regarding SIN and EVIL needs seasonal correction

sin is a fertile sex act and we want to control them in the young

however sin is not evil in a marriage that is a fall-ass-see of fools

some people hate the fact marriage is mating 

15% of outspoken clergy is gay and speaks against heterosexual good marital sins 

sins is not evil if a wedding has or will occur before 

sinai means sin love mountain 

evil is anal sex and child abuse do not group fertile sex with dysfunction

dysfunction is not working ovaries firing up to make Joshua 12 sons in 4 women

this is not ” evil in the bible” this is good sin in the bible, so JESUS forgives sins

Joshua is forgiven he had 4 women to sin with he did a good excellent job


avoid evil but in a marriage do not avoid sin

sin is fertile sex

Sara bell om 

Sarah Moan E 

a wedding is a celebration of sin a Sarah Moan E

Be REAL God forgives sins because sins are good and fruitful

God seldom forgives EVIL which is the opposite of live 


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