Elohim the Christ begins to yield all Authority to a Child

Elohim the Christ begins to yield all Authority to a Child

i have a son in the womb he is peace masaya or peace mahal

his mother may name him Shalom

i may give him all authority since the people do not desire me to survive

i was not given peach pit oil

which is needed to reverse aging in humans of O positive blood type

or if they had a transfusion of my own blood by any method

there is 382 methods of transfusion of my blood 

i am trying them all to increase survival

thus even stupid people 




a second chance

by the bread of life my blood

by the yeast dead in the unleavened bread

or by the mutating parasites in mosquito larvae and the O corpuscles

it is not the malaria that inoculates it is the blood that the malaria thrives in O corpuscles

it is not the ann Thai co wag u lent that inoculates the Templar Knights it is the placental blood

it is the placental blood of the mother of God which can inoculate and the holy water

when i have a son in the womb communion and cum union passes from me

thus failure to obey fertility rites as prescribed by a high priest ( Wesley)

shall cause death to come to Earth event shew all lee Eventually

in that way now is the time for Caucasians to cock Asians not later

there is a time for isolating diverse populations this is 2270 until 9000

then all isolated tribes shall come together again

in the year 2270 the ice age shall mark a disection die sect Zion of language into 10,000

Zion shall be disect Zion disection into 10,000

do not discus holy scriptures unless you speak the same language

to dis cuss is evil in a tongue but if people are bilingual they have broken their chains

i shall separate the tribes and nations into 10,000 chained parts

only by loving your neighbor can any tribe break its chains

this Jose Rizal knew 20 languages so his love was 20 times normal

if a tribe knows only 1 language they shall have only Normal levels of love

they may be full of love but until they love their neighbor as they love self they shall be limited

bilingual people can love twice as much and tri lingual can love three times as much

when i divide your tongues only any tribe physically connected to ME shall be fully aware

my tenth cousins and children of my own spawn shall be fully aware

they shall be called Sky Walkers and the People of the Shining Light

others shall babble and scatter in groups seeking their own people

their babble shall be confusing and pure nonsense

some wise people shall innately love their enemy and feed them

this shall immediately begin cycles of live and hate of yin and yang

nations shall exist only after levels of love have risen by learning curves

troops of baboons shall wander the Earth but my line shall be aware

anything passing from my testicles shall be aware after 2270

anything passing from my siblings and 10th cousins shall be aware

harvest this field or go into a virtual hell



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