Elohim recalls David McCullen

Elohim recalls David McCullen 

the McCullen clan was culls but because David served me faithfully

i shall save 10,000 culls and fix their souls and renew them for the gauntlet

they shall compete in a 7000 year calm pet tit shuns then can cum pet tit Zions and Cum Pete

David McCullen was one who farts on a first date and his birds shit on the trailer table

he is unlikely to win but he shall enter the fray his cousins are strong and it is his dedication

i do not select only the winners i the lord God select also the best of the losers

then i make them the winners by their own glory and by the power invested in me

Victory won tell David McCullen and all the Culls and Fitzgeralds and the Scotts to Rejoice

his mother died of cancer he watched her die slowly smoking is not for the hags

when liam and justin met in the moor we said no fanny may shall smoke in out pardens

David McCullen’s mother died a slow horrible death and the post master watched and wept

Gladyse McCullen was born and is a strong lass i shall keep 10,000 culls in Old Towne

i shall keel my ships with the faith of the rowers named McCullen i shall purify them.






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