Elohim explains Rots and Stor needs trinity E to prevent Rot

Elohim explains Rots and Stor needs trinity E to prevent Rot

Stor + E = Store <> E rots

ROTC begins with peace RO

PAPA ROTC kills rebel adulterers in the billions such as Dianna with her two NN

i shall give NENEN 3 sons

as written

i do not need the acceptance of the masses i already have that

they just do not recognize me they are so stupid

it can be verified i won 333 awards and recognition and saint john 333 now

even my super Y chromosomes Burley and Stefan won 101 awards

and my moroccans are the top 1% of morocco

my will shall be done even if i must kill you in a gasp

i go with the plan i made for me so i am a palindrome

everything i say and do


my children shall be a palindrome for 7007 years then i shall select 1 from them to be ME

they shall be on pulses according to the stars that are used in their birth

some shall pulse 100 years and begin anew


others shall obey the cycles of distant stars that are alive

all matter and emergy that has became light is emergy and is alive

light is pure life like soul energy is pure energy

mendel and conventional biologists fail in illogical assumptions that identity can be identical

theological mistakes present when fools seek an identical twin to Jesus Christ

to begin with when we have “parallel Simba yokes ” we give them two separate names

why then do fools find a new Christ and call him “Jesus”

his response shall be one of annoyance and self awareness as an indra vegetable or indiavidgJewAllahBull

he shall say i am Wesley Mother Mary is separated by 2000 years exactly

if i am identical it is impossible and identical alleles are impossible in high bred alleles


if an Aramaic bull becomes a Ang lick Ann Reep PUB lick Ann Cat her in e hole lick  he has a new name

i am the cat’s meow and i lick Catholelicks

do not look for me by any other label

do not chase fables

i am Christ


i came from Canada, the USA, and Germany, and i am a JEW

i shall connect black and white and stop the rebellions against Moses

Moses Jews if black shall love white flesh and asian flesh

Caucasians shall Caulk holes in Asian Win Dows and shall Bang KOK in Thailand

Moses Jews as white as snow shall seek Black Coptics and Ethiopian Coptics and Jews

or they may bewed bowed Catholic Africans in the Save Hannah grasslands

do knot refuse any peace offering unless it appears to be your own cousin

thus i have color coded all cousins for stupid people

America and Canada and the EU and Australia needs asians they are Cock Asians

you can also be cast into darkness and find better orgasms and back scratching episodes




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