Devil spelled backwards is lived

Devil spelled backwards is lived as in the past tense

live backwards is evil

lived backwards is Devil

if a force is against your living this would be a Devil

many Devil acts would be seen in a temple where people mock new prophets

Jesus was mocked so my enemies were crucified on the road to damned ass cuss

i was not crucified that was a lie for the hate filled single language speaking liars

i could not trust them so i lied to them to protect my babies

when a German shepherd has babies he shall protect the pups, the babes, and the lamb

by any means, by whatsoever means are possible.

The prime Mary purpose of a Shepherd is to protect the sheep.

The purpose of the shepherd is not to protect the spectators

and is not necessarily to protect late comers to a soma meat feast,

a seder feast, a last supper, by any name ( there is 300 terms).

Devil is thus the backwards people who lived to harm Christ’s real children.

if people lived to sell tobacco to women and children they are literally devils

if people lived to sell alcohol to kill eggs and children they are devils

if English enter China to sell Rum Tobacco and Porn they are devils

Devil is lived spelled backwards and Devils depreciate live forces

evil forces are equal and opposite to live forces

D is liver and liver stress is better held by men than women

it is better if women prefer evil bad boys than if men prefer evil women

evil men shall harm themselves but their bile shall represent them as fertility and strength

evil women shall harm their eggs and the death and infertility shall represent them

and who can find a virtuous wife for she is not a smoker and is not drinking Zuma

she is not drinking beer and does not smoke cheep Cigars or tattoo her Temple

and she does not have huge fat angles with piercings on her nipples and clit

she abides in the true laws God wrote and does not rebel against God.

A virtuous woman is not that self righteous bitch drunk every Saturday Night.

Men who are strong can provide better semen

Women who try to act like a man make birth defects

Women who submit to kosher and taboo laws have fewer birth defects and miscarriages

i am Hippocrates the Healer


in the palindrome of existence i am pulsing everything every 7 seconds

as it pulses there is polar shift, red shift, energy shift, events, i am the mean median and mode

ego is acting against my efforts to triple biomass in the Earth

i need to kill some evil people faster or cure them faster

i shall accelerate healing by 7 times 7 times 7 times

i shall accelerate love by 7 times 7 times 7 times

i shall accelerate the holy spirit by 7 by 7 by 7 times in pulses of 7 seconds

i shall bring light to darkness by 7 times and 7 times 7

i shall enlighten 7 year olds and let them be good

i shall strengthen 14 year olds and let them be strong

i shall say puberty on average is 14 years from conception

this is adulthood i am the lord

i shall increase wisdom by 7 times in 7th graders




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