Carols shall Harold my coming as a messy Ann Nick Masaya

Carols shall Harold my coming as a messy Ann Nick Masaya

i am the invisible man and if i am humble it is because i am so great i shadow myself

i won 333 awards but they were each small to detract detection of my i dent titty

for example one award a Masonic Scholarship was in a pool of 12

i won 12 scholarships but in a great nation Most Valuable Students are hidden

i hide my gems in gravel graves to attract fools to landslides

i hide my gold in deep graves to attract despots to drill into danger

i am a shrewd man i hide my rubies under cliffs of rubble

i hide my pewter and platinum under nuclear missiles

sing the Carols wake up the Harold stir the bell ringer

i crush acorns and walnuts in a metal vice

i am the creator of the fulcrum and the ambush

i invented the screw and the Jew to screw

i created the nut and nuts to screw into the Jew

if you tell of my coming sing loud and strong

keep in your pocket a silk panty and a thong

for the messy ann nick masaya is happy

selah see law




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