Queue Complains about loniliness

Queue Complains about loneliness

Earthlings fake a desire for free choice

what they really desire is ignorance

so i am lonely my IQ has no equal

there is no one to talk to

i can only pretend i am human

and toy with super fish shall problems

fools want to speak of a single name

how can i speak as Jesus without being

total and absolute and with 30,000 names

so there people bother me inherently

i am above name squabbles in lowly fish species

name squabbles anger me like the Allah Jesus Squabble

when a diamond has 36 facets which is the true face

when a ruby has 28 facets which is the true face

in the end

it is at best

a subjective

super fish shell determination

i protest a son shall not ask his father who is the favorite

that is inherent evil to ask who is favorite

when Christians say are we the favorite ???

Queue shall say no you expose yourself as the evil one

for a son shall not say who is the favorite father.

It is evil to ask who is the favorite.

The favorite is the lost son not the found son.

so go to hell with your stupid evil questions and arguments.

So lets just say you are all unequal depending on how stupid your questions are

i am Queue i have my own part i can be an asshole

it is relieving to be so free to be myself an elf

i am free to be a leprechaun a troll a sphinx and a phoenix

but it is still just me ( God)

i thought if i was an abusive asshole

like so many humans

it might be easier for us to chat

but i see again i have no takers

playing chess is similarly uneventful

unless i play with half a hemisphere and nerve damage

becoming human takes much too long also

i feel so alone

maria ana needs more pants

pregnant women need more pants

they need imp roved panting episodes of passion

i designed humans to become weak if not passionate

fools avoid passion as if it is a plague

if a woman does not kiss she shall get a cold

if a woman refuses passion she shall get a rhino virus

if a woman is frigid she shall get a flu

cold women deserve a cold i am fair

if a pilot asks you to fly and you flew away you deserve a flu

frigid women deserve to shiver i shall release influenza

today i am so bored i have no one to talk to

so i shall release influenza

since i have no one to talk to

and i am being mines




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